CBSE Class 9 Science The Fundamental Unit of Life Sure Shot Questions B

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1. Who expanded cell theory by suggesting that all cells arise from pre-existing cells?

2. In which year electron microscope was invented?

3. Name the book in which Robert Hooke published his observations about cork cells.

4. Who discovered nucleus in the cell?

5. Name the two postulates of the cell theory.

6. Who coined the term 'protoplasm'?

7. Name the largest cell?

8. Name the world's smallest cell.

9. Name the smallest cell in human body.

10. Name the biggest cell in human body.

11. Name the longest cell in human body.

12. Name the cell in human body which cannot reproduce.

13. Give an example of anucleate cell i.e. cell without nucleus.

14. Give an example of cells containing two nuclei (Binucleate).

15. Give examples of cells which are muti-nucleate (i.e. having many nuclei).

16. What is the plasma membrane composed of?

17. Who proposed fluid-mosaic model of cell or plasma membrane?

18. Is plasma membrane permeable or selectively permeable?

19. What are different types transport of components across cell membrane?

20. Define Passive Transport.

21. What is diffusion?

22. Define Osmosis. What are different types of osmosis? Give examples of osmosis.

23. What is plasmolysis?

24. What would happen if the plasma membrane ruptures or breaks down?

25. What do you mean by Endocytosis? How does an Amoeba obtain its food?

26. Define Exocytosis.

27. Why are lysosomes known as suicide bags?

28. What happens to a cell (plant cell or animal cell) when placed in the following solutions:

(a) Hypotonic solution

(b) Isotonic solution

(c) Hypertonic solution

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