CBSE Class 9 Science Diversity in Organisms Sure Shot Questions B

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1. Who introduced the system of scientific nomenclature of organisms ?

2. In which Kingdom, an organism does not have a well defined nucleus and organelles?

3. In the hierarchy of classification, which group will have the largest number of organisms?

4. Which in your opinion is more basic characteristic for classifying organism. The place where they live in or the kind of cells they are made of?

5. Give examples of the organisms that have cilia and flagellum for moving around.

6. In the hierarchy of classification, which group will have the smallest number of organisms and a maximum number of similar aracteristics?

7. Name the substance which makes the cell wall of fungi.

8. Name a symbiotic life form that grows on the bark of a tree as large, coloured patches.

9. In which kingdom would you place an organism which is unicellular, eukaryotic and photosynthetic?

10. What is the primary characteristic on which the first division of organisms is made?

11. What is the mode of nutrition in Mushroom?

12. Eichler classified the plant kingdom into two sub-kingdoms. Name the two sub kingdoms.

13. Name the kingdom which includes the simplest form of eukaryotes.

14. Do Protozoans have eyes?

15. Name the simplest of plants that do not have a well-differentiated body design.

16. Which division of plants are often called amphibians of the plant kingdom?

17. Woese introduced by dividing the Monera kingdom into two sub-kingdoms. Name the two?

18. Write the name of the group of plants, which produces seeds, but not fruits.

19. Amar, Ujala and Anara wrote the scientic name of mango as follows. Who wrote it correctly. 1) Amar - Mangifera Indica 2) Ujala - Mangifera indica 3) Anara - mangifera indica

20. Algae belongs to which division of Plantae?

21. Name the three divisions of Plantae that have inconspicuous reproductive organs. What are their seeds called?

22. Name the two groups of Plantae that are commonly called phanerogams.

23. Identify the division of Plantae having following characteristics: i).Seeds not enclosed within fruit. ii).Flowers represented as cones (unisexual) iii). Ovules not located in ovary.

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