CBSE Class 9 Science Improvement in food resources Sure Shot Questions B

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1. State one demerit with composite fish culture system.

2. State one importance of photoperiod in agriculture.

3. Name one micronutrient and one macronutrient which plants take from the soil.

4. List two desirable traits for fodder crops.

5. Distinguish between a mullet and a prawn.

6. Name two breeds of cows selected for long lactation period.

7. How does Bombay duck differ from common carp ?

8. How does catla differ from mrigal?

9. Name the two vitamins which are added in the poultry feed.

10. From where do plants acquire the following nutrients?

   (a) Nitrogen

   (b) Hydrogen

11. State the reason of introducing Italian bee variety in bee farms.

12. Mention any two activities for the improvement of crop yield.

13. Which nutrients are supplied by cereals and pulses ?

14. Name two fresh initiatives taken to increase the water availability for agriculture.

15. Mention any two advantages of using Italian bee variety in honey production.

16. Name any two weeds of crop field.

17. Define animal husbandry.

18. What are genetically modified crop?

19. Mention the components of food present in vegetable and fruits.

20. Name the cereals which provide us carbohydrate for energy requirement.

21. Give technical term for milk producing females and farm labour animals.

22. Why do we eat pea and groundnut?

23. Name two types of animal feed.

24. Give the full form of FYM.

25. Name two main factors responsible for loss during storage of grain.

26. How much damage to crops can be caused by insects, pests and diseases?

27. Name four macro nutients important for plants.

28. What is green revolution?

29. What was the aim of white revolution?

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