CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Surface Chemistry Questions

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1. Why does a gas mixed with another gas not form a colloidal system?
2. Why are adsorbate particles attracted and retained on the surface of adsorbent?
3. Explain the terms sorption and desorption.
4. “Chemisorption is highly specific.” Illustrate with an example.
5. “Adsorbents in finely divided form are more effective.” Why?
6. Name two compounds used as adsorbent for controlling humidity.
[Ans. : Silica gel, Alumina gel]
7. Mention one shape selective catalyst used to convert alcohol directly into gasoline.
8. ‘Generally high temperature is favourable for chemisorption.’ Why?
9. Name the catalyst used in the following process :
(a) Haber’s process for the manufacture of NH3 gas.
(b) Ostwald process for the manufacture of nitric acid.
10. Explain the relationship given by Freundlich in adsorption isotherm.
11. Which group elements show maximum catalytic activity for hydrogenation reactions?
[Hint : 7–9 group elements]
12. Why gas masks are used by miners in coal mines while working?
13. Write the chemical reaction involved in the preparation of sulphur sol.
14. Name the enzyme which converts milk into curd. [Ans. : lactobacilli]

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