CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Alcohols Phenols and Ethers Assignment

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Alcohols Phenols and Ethers Assignment. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.
1. Haloalkanes undergo nucleophilic substitution reaction readily than haloarenes.
Ans: (aLlow bond dissociation enthalpy of R-X bond due to low s- character of C SP3
(b) Stability of carbocation by hyper conjugation of neighboring alkyl groups.
2. The of isomeric haloalkanes decreases increasing in branching of carbon chains.
Ans - As branching increases molecules becomes more compact and acquires a low surface area . Since strength of Vander waals forces are proportional to area of contact
between molecules,attractive forces decreases with branching.
3. Alcohols have higher boiling boint compared to hydrocarbons, ethers and halo compounds of comparable mass.
Ans: Due to presence of inter molecular H-bonding,which is either absent or very weak in other molecules.
4. Phenol is more acidic than alcohol
CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Alcohols Phenols and Ethers Assignment
The phenoxide ion is resonance stabilized due to (-) R effect of benzene ring. The alkoxide ion is less stable due to (+) I effect of –R group.
5. Aldehydes are more than reactives than ketones towards nucleophilic addition reactions.
Ans: (a) inductive effect of R groups reduces the electrophilicity of the C atom of carbonyl group in ketones
(b) steric hindrance: the approaching nucleophile suffers greater repulsion due to presence of two bulky-R groups in ketones.
6. Carboxylic acids have higher boiling points than aldehydes, ketones and alcohols of comparable molecular masses.
Ans- The C.A molecules form dimers which do not separate into monomers even in vapour phase.
7. Gabriel Phthalimide synthesis is not suitable for preparation of secondary and tertiary amines.
Ans- Since the reaction involves Sn2 mechanism, only a primary alkyl group can approach the sterically hindered Phthalimide ring .
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