CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Coordination Compounds Questions

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1. Define the term coordination compound?
2. Write the names of counter ions in
(i) Hg [Co (SCN)4] and (ii) [Pt(NH3)4] Cl2.
3. Write the oxidation state of nickel in [Ni(CO)4]
4. What is the coordination number of central atom in [Co(C2O4)3]3–?
[Ans. : 6]
5. What is the coordination number of iron in [Fe (EDTA)] ?
[Ans. : 6]
6. Write the name of a complex compound used in chemotherapy.
[Ans. : Cis–Platin. [Pt(NH3)2 Cl2]
7. Name the compound used to estimate the hardness of water volumetrically.
8. Give the IUPAC name of [Pt Cl2 (NH2CH3) (NH3)2] Cl.
9. How many geometrical isomers are possible for the tetrahedral complex
[Ans. : No isomer, as the relative positions of the unidentate ligands attached to the central metal atom are same with respect to each other].
10. Arrange the following in the increasing order of conductivity in solution.
[Ni(NH3)6]Cl2; [Co(NH3)6]Cl3 and [CoCl2(en)2] Cl
11. Arrange the following ligands in increasing order of Δo (Crystal field splitting energy) for octahedral complexes with a particular metal ion.

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