CBSE Class 12 Chemistry General Principles Process of Isolation of Elements Questions

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1. Name three metals which occur in native state in nature.
[Ans. : Au, Ag and Pt]
2. What are collectors in froth flotation process? Give one example.
[Ex. : Pine oil]
3. Give the names and formulae of three ores which are concentrated by froth floatation process.
[Ans. : Galena (PbS), zinc blend (zns) cinnabar (HgS)]
4. Among Fe, Cu, Al and Pb, which metal (s) can not be obtained by smelting.
[Ans. : Al]
5. What is the thermodynamic criteria for the feasibility of a reaction?
[Ans. : ΔG should be –ve or log K = + ve]
8. Why can’t aluminium be reduced by carbon?
[Hint : Al is stronger reducing agent than carbon]
9. Name the most important form of iron. Mention its one use.
[Ans. : Cast iron is used for making gutter pipes, castings, railway sleepers,toys etc.]
10. Name the impurities present in bauxite ore.
[Ans. : SiO2, Fe2O3 and TiO2]
11. What is the composition of copper matte?
[Hint : Cu2S and FeS]
12. Which from of copper is called blister copper?
13. What are froth stabilizers? Give two examples.
[Ex. : Cresol and aniline].

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