CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Polymers Questions

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1. Define the term copolymer.
2. Identify homopolymer from the following examples Nylon-66, Nylon-6,
Nylon- 2-Nylon-6.
3. Give example of a natural polyamide which is an important constituent of diet.
[Hint : Proteins]
4. Classify polythene and bakelite as thermosetting plastics or thermoplastics.
5. Among fibres, elastomers and thermosetting polymers, which one has strongest intermolecular forces of attraction?
6. Why is bakelite called a thermosetting polymer.
7. Give the monomers of bakelite.
8. Identify the monomer in the following polymeric structure.
CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Polymers Questions
9. Nylon-2-Nylon-6 is a biodegradable polymer obtained from glycine,
H2N – CH2 – COOH and aminocaproic acid, H2N–(CH2)5–COOH. Write the structure of this polymer.
10. Give two uses of teflon.
11. Name the polymer used for making insulation material for coating copper wire. [Hint : PVC].
12. Write the name and structure of monomer of the polymer which is used as synthetic wool.
13. How is vulcanized rubber obtained?
14. Name the polymer used for making radio television cabinets and feeding bottles of children.
15. What do the digits 6 and 66 represent in the names nylon-6 and nylon-66?
16. Write the full form of PHBV.

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