CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Solid State Questions Answers

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1. What type of solids are electrical conductors, malleable and ductile?

2. Give the significance of lattice point.

3. Name the parameters that characterize the unit cell

4. What is the two dimensional coordination number of a molecule in square close packed structure.

5. Which of the following lattice has the highest packing efficiency , (I)simple cubic (II ) BCC (III) HCP

6. What type of stoichiometric defect is shown by ( i) ZnS (ii) AgBr

7. What type of substances makes better permanent magnets? Justify your answer.

8. Why glass is considered as super cooled liquid?

9. Why KCl appears pink when heated in K vapors?

10. Give the relationship between density and edge length in an unit cell.

11. What is F-centre?

12. Give the coordination number of fcc structure.

13. Give an example of a solid that shows both schottky and frenkel defect

14. What defect is observed when CdCl2 is doped with AgCl?

15. Give an example of a network solid.

16. Give an example each of 13-15 & 12-16 compounds.

17. How is quartz different from quartz glass?

18. What is a semiconductor?

19. FeO is mostly found with a composition of Fe0.95 O 1.00 . Why?

20. What is a n-type semiconductor?

21. What is photovoltaic cell?

22. What do you mean by the term Doping?

23. What the term 12 – 16 compounds stand for?

24. What is the number of tetrahedral voids in a ccp structure of solid?

25. Crystalline solids are anisotropic in nature. Comment on this statement.

26. What is the percentage efficiency of a solid whose particles are having ccp structure?

27. LiCl crystal appears to be pink in colour .Why?

28. When Ge is doped with slight amount of In,what type of semiconductor will be formed?

29. Metal deficiency defect with extra anions in interstitial sites can’t be produced in solids.Why?

30. The electrical conductivity of semiconductors increases with increase in temperature but in case of metals conductivity decreases with rise in temp. Why?

31. The window panes seem to be thicker at the bottom in case of old buildings. What can be the reason?

32. Assign the relationship between edge length (a,b,c) and values of α, β and ϒ for tetragonal unit cell.

33. Give an example of solid which can exhibit schottky defect as well as frenkel defect.

34. Atoms of element A are occupying all the octrahedral voids while atoms of B are in 1/4thtetrahedral voids and atoms of C are arranged in xagonal arrays .what will be the formula of the compound?

35. What is the co-ordination number of a particle in ccp structure?

36. What happens when Na vapour is passed over crystalline NaCl?

37. Ferromagnetic and ferri magnetic solids on heating converted into paramagnetic in nature. Justify the reason.

38. Glass is assumed to be super cooled liquid. Why?

39. Give an example of solid which has its structure as fluorite type structure.

40. Copper is conducting as such while copper sulphate is conducting only in aqueous solution .why?


1. The edge length of a unit cell having molecular weight 75g/mol is 5 A0 which crystallizes in bcc lattice. If the density is 2g/cc then find the radius of the metal atom.

2. Potssium crystallizes in bcc lattice. Calculate the approximate number of unit cell in 1gm of potassium. (atomic mass of K = 39)

3. A compound is formed by two elements M &N .The element N forms ccp & atoms of M occupy 1/3rd of tetrahedral voids. What is the formula of the compound?

4. A unit cell consists of a cube in which there are atoms A at the corners and atoms B at the face centers. Two A atoms are missing from the two corners of a unit cell. What is the formula of the compound?

5. Analysis shows that nickel oxide has formula Ni 0.98 O 1.00 .What fraction of nickel exist as Ni 2+ and Ni 3+.

6. If NaCl is doped with 10-3 mol % of SrCl 2 . What is the concentration of cation vacancy? 7. Under what conditions will sodium chloride conduct electricity

8. Name the binding force in each of the following. (a) Molecular (b) Ionic (c) Covalent (d) Metallic.

9. Differentiate between anisotropy & isotropy by giving examples.

10. Derive the relationship between edge length and radius of atom in fcc unit cell.


1. Calcium metal crystalises in a fcc lattice with edge length of 0.556nm calculate the density of the metal if it contains , (i) 0.5% frenkel defect (ii) 0.2% schottky defect. 

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