CBSE Class 12 Chemistry The p block elements Type MLL Questions Answers

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The p- block elements : TYPE- MLL

One Mark questions

1. Why is H3PO3 diprotic?

2. Nitrogen does not form pentahalide like phosphorous, why?

3. H2O is a liquid while H2s is a gas ,why?

4. Arrange NH3 PH3 AsH3 BiH3 SbH3 in the increasing order of basic strength.

5. Oxygen is a gas while sulphur is a solid, why?

6. Write the formula of hyponitros acid.

7. Why does Al not react with conc. nitric acid?

8. Can PCl5 act as an oxidising agent and reducing agent?

9. Why does NO2 readily dimerise?

10. Why is BiH3 the strongest reducing agent amongst all the hydrides of nitrogen family?

11. Write the chemical formula of peroxodisulphuric acid.

12. Why does NH3 act as a Lewis base /complexing agent?

13. What is the basicity of H3PO4?

14. Why does R3P = O exist but R3N = O does not (R = alkyl group)?

15. Why does the reactivity of nitrogen differ from phosphorus?

16. Why is white phosphorous highly reactive?

17. Why group 16 members are called chalcogens?

18. OF4 is not known but SF4 is known .Explain

19. Solid PCl5 exists as an ionic solid, Why?

20. Bismuth is a strong oxidizing agent in pentavalentstate, why? Two Marks questions

21. Draw the shapes of SF4, BrF3 on the basis of VSEPR theory.

22. (a) Why is atomic radius of Argon more than that of Chlorine ?

(b) Why is ionization enthalpy of Nitrogen more than oxygen?

23. (a) Arrange F2,Cl2,Br2,I2 in the increasing order of bond dissociation energy.

(b) Arrange HOClO,HOClO2,HOClO3 in the increasing order of acidic strength.

24.Explain giving suitable reasons:

(i) NH3 has higher boiling point than PH3

(ii) SbF5 is known but BiF5 is unknown.

25.Explain giving suitable reasons:

(i) SF6 is well known but SH6 is not known.

(ii) Proton affinity of NH3 is more than PH3 .

26. Explain giving suitable reasons.

(i) Sulphur in vapour form is paramagnetic in nature.

(ii) Catenation properties of Phosphorous is more than Nitrogen.

27. Give chemical equations ,when :

(a). Ammonium dichromate is heated ?

(b). Sodium azide is heated?

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