CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Chemistry in Everyday Life Questions Answers

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Q1.Name two types of chemical messengers.

Ans: Neurotransmitters & Hormones

Q2. Name the antibiotic used in typhoid fever.

Ans: Chloramphenicol

Q3.Name a Broad spectrum Antibiotic.


Q4. Name the Medicine which can act as analgesic as well as antipyretic .,

Ans: Aspirin

Q5. Name the constituents of Dettol.

Ans; Chlroxylenol&terpineol

Q6. Why is Ethanal added to Soap ?

Ans: To make it transparent

Q7. Name an ant acid which prevent the formation of acid in the stomach.

Ans : Ranitidine

Q8. Why is glycerol is added to shaving soap?

Ans: To prevent rapid drying.

Q9. Give an example of bacteriocidal antibiotic.

Ans: Penicillin

Q10.Name a drug used in mental depression .

Ans: Equanil

Q11. Name a few artificial sweatners

Ans: Saccharin & Aspartame

Q12. What type drugh is phenacetine?

Ans: Antibiotic

Q13.What are pathogens?

Ans; Disease causing organisms.

Q14.Name two Narcotics which are used as analgesics >

Ans: Morphine & Codeine

Q15. What is Chemotherapy?

Ans: Use of chemical for treatment of disease .

Q16. Mention a few drug targets .

Ans: Carbohydratyes, Lipids , Proteins & Nucleic Acids .

Q17. Define a Tanquilizer.

Ans: Drug which act on CNS to help in reducing anxiety.

Q18.Define Soap .

Ans: Soap is a Sodium or Potassium salt of Fatty Acids

Q19.Why are detergents preferred over soaps ?

Ans: Unlike soaps detergents can be used even in hard water.

Q20.What is a Bacteriostatic drug ?

Ans: A drug which inhibit the growth of disease causing organisms.

 Chemistry in everyday life

Section A (One Mark Question)

1. Name a drug which is an analgesic and antipyretic?

A: aspirin

2. Elucidate the structural differences between biodegradable and non- bio degradable detergent?

A: Biodegradable detergents have straight chains Eg:sodium dodecyl benzene sulphonate.Nonbiodegradable detergents have branched chains Eg:sodium(1,3,5,7- tetramethyloctyl)benzene sulphonate.

3. Why are ranitidine and cimetidine better antacids than sodium bicarbonate?

A: Sodium bicarbonate if taken in excess makes the stomach alkaline and thus more HCl is released which causes ulcers. Whereas ranitidine prevent the interaction of histamineinthe stomach wall and thus lesser release of HCl.

4. Though saccharin is 550 times sweeter than sugar it is used as a sweetening agent by diabetic patient. Why?

A: as it is eliminated in urine and provide less calorie.

5. Distinguish between drugs and medicine.

A: Drugs have addictive action but medicine is not addictive in nature.

6. If water contains (CaHCO3)2,out of soap and detergent which one will you choose for cleaning clothes.?

A: Calcium ion forms scum, hence detergents are preferred.

7. Why cationic detergent has limited use?

A: they are quarternary ammonium salts of amines with acetates, chlorides, bromides. As they have germicidal properties and are expensive so are of limited use.

8. While antacids and antiallergic drugs interfere with the function of histamine. Why do not interfere with the function of each other?Explain.

A: As they work on different receptors .eg release of histamine causes allergy and also causes acidity due to release of HCl.But antihistamine removes allergy while antacids remove acidic.

9. Aspirin helps in prevention of heart attack.

A: Due to its anti-blood clotting action.

9. Give One example of drugs used as antiseptics and disinfectants.?

A: 0.2% solution of phenol is an antiseptic while its one % solution disinfectant.

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