CBSE Class 12 Chemistry The d and f Block Elements Questions

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1. Write the electronic configuration of Cr3+ ion (atomic number of Cr = 24)?
2. Explain CuSO4. 5H2O is blue while ZnSO4 and CuSO4 are colourless?
3. Why is the third ionisation energy of Manganese (Z = 25) is unexpectedly high?
[Hint : The third electron is to be removed from stable configuration Mn2+ (3d5). It requires higher energy.]
4. Which element among 3d– transition elements, exhibit the highest oxidation state?
[Hint : Mn (+7)]
5. Silver (Ag) has completely filled d-orbitals (4d10) in its ground state. How can you say that it is a transition element.
6. In 3d series (Sc → Zn), the enthalpy of atomisation of Zn is low. Why?
[Hint : Poor interatomic bonding in zinc.]
7. Out of the following elements, identify the element which does not exhibit variable oxidation state?
Cr, Co, Zn.
8. The +3 oxidation state of lanthanum (Z = 57), gadolinium (Z = 64) and lutetium (Z = 71) are especially stable. Why?
9. Mention one consequence of Lanthanoid Contraction?
10. The first ionization enthalpies of 5d– series elements is higher than those of 3d and 4d series elements why?
[Hint : Increasing value of effective nuclear charge due to lanthanoid contraction.]
11. Why Mn2+ compounds are more stable than Fe2+ compounds towards oxidation to their +3 state?

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