CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper Solved 2021 Set A

1 What is ‘blob’ known as in Blob on a stick structures of Rhizopus? 
2 Mention any one point of difference between Pepsin and Trypsin. 
3 An element ‘P’ has atomic number 13. What would be its position in the modern periodic table? Write the formula of its oxide.
4 Write any two advantages and any two limitations of harnessing wind energy on a large scale. 
5 How much current will an electric bulb draw from 220 V source if the resistance of the bulb is 1200 ohm? If in place of bulb, when a heater is used the current drawn is 2.2 A. Calculate the resistance of the heater.
6 An object of height 5 cm is placed perpendicular to the principal axis of a concave lens of focal length
10 cm.If the distance of the object from the lens is 20 cm, determine the position and magnification of the image.
7 (i) What is hypermetropia?
(ii) Write the cause of hypermetroipa?
(iii) Draw the ray diagram showing how hypermetropia is corrected?
8 a) Do basic solutions also have H+ (aq) ions? Then why are these basic?
b) Which of the given salts have pH more than 7?
i) washing soda ii) copper sulphate iii) sodium acetate iv) ammonium chloride
c) A dry pellet of a common base reacts with HCl to form salt and water. Define the type of reaction involved.
9 a) State Modern Periodic law.
b) Why did Mendeleev leave gaps in his periodic table?
c) Two elements ‘C’ and ‘D’ belong to group 17 and group 16 respectively. Which has smaller atomic size? Why?
10 Plants absorb water from the soil. Root hairs help in this process.
a) Name the structural components which help in the transport of water upwards.
b) Explain the process and forces which help in the transport of water in tall trees from the roots to the tree tops.
i) In human excretory system
a) Which part(s) produces urine.
b) Where is urine stored?
ii) Name the factors on which the amount of water reabsorbed along the tubular part of nephron depend on?
iii) On what principle, artificial kidney is working?
11 Name the hormone secreted by a) Thyroid gland b) Pancreas c) ovary and also state one function of each.
12 Name the device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Draw the labeled diagram and explain the principle involved in this device.
(i) How is an ammeter connected in an electric circuit? Give reason.
(ii) List out advantages of parallel combination of appliances over series combination in domestic circuit.

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