CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2015 Set B


1. In domestic electric circuit, with which wire do we connect a fuse? 

2. Name the two components of central nervous system in humans. 

3. Name one fuel used in nuclear reactor. 

4. Write the chemical reaction for respiration. Why is it considered an exothermic reaction? 

5. Mention one physical property each of a metal and a non-metal which is exceptional to their general properties. 

6. A battery of 12 V is connected to a series combination of resistors, 3 Ω, 4 Ω, 5 Ω, and 12 Ω. How much current would flow through the 12 Ω resistor? 

7. Why do two magnetic field lines never intersect each other? 

8. In the electrolysis of water: 

(i) Name the gas collected at the cathode and anode respectively

(ii) Why is the volume of one gas collected at one electrode double than that at the other? Name this gas.

(iii) How will you test the evolved gases?


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