CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2020 Set D

1. What is the name given to the chemical bond
a) formed by sharing of electrons between two atoms?
b)formed by the transfer of electrons from one atom to another?
2. Draw the electron structure of simplest ketone. 
3. Which of the following compounds has double bond:
4. Name a catalyst that can be used in the addition reaction of unsaturated hydrocarbon with hydrogen.
5. Identify the functional group present in C2H5OH 
6. Give the name and structural formula of the next higher homologue of CH3CHO
7. A hydrocarbon has six carbon atoms. Write the molecular formula of the alkane and alkyne it forms.
8. State one advantage of detergents over soaps. 
9. Draw the structural formula of cyclohexane and benzene. 
10. Why does carbon form bonds by sharing electrons and not by losing or gaining electrons?
11. Explain why
a) Diamond is hard whereas graphite is soft
b) Diamond is a poor conductor of electricity whereas graphite is a good conductor.
12. What do you understand by homologus series? State any two characteristics of a homologus series?
13. Explain the bond formation in the following
a) Water
b) Carbon dioxide
14. What is meant by substitution reaction? What type of hydrocarbons show substitution reaction? Explain with an example.
15. Complete the following equations
b) CH3CH2OH + Na→
c) CH3COOH + Na2CO3
16. What happens when ethanol is treated with alkaline potassium permanganate? Identify the type of reaction and write an equation for the same.
17. Explain the versatile nature of carbon to form large number of compounds. Also explain why carbon forms strong bonds?
18. a) Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons?
b) How are saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons identified using bromine water?
c) Identify unsaturated hydrocarbons from the following and draw their structural formula: C3H4,C3H6.C3H8
19. a) What do you understand by functional group?
b) Draw the structure of a chloroalkane with three carbon atoms and write its IUPAC name.
c) Identify the functional groups in the following and write their IUPAC names
i) CH3CH2CH2COOH    ii) CH3CH2CH2 CO CH3
20. a) Explain cleansing action of soap.
b) What are isomers? Draw all possible isomers of pentane.
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