CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper SA2 2013

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper SA2 2013. CBSE issues sample papers every year for students for class 10 board exams. Students should solve the CBSE issued sample papers to understand the pattern of the question paper which will come in class 10 board exams this year. The sample papers have been provided with marking scheme. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the board examinations. Sample papers should be always practiced in examination condition at home or school and the student should show the answers to teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.

Que. 1 Acetic acid was added to four test tubes containing the following chemicals:

a. Sodium carbonate

b. Blue litmus solution

c. Lime water

d. Distilled water

Which amongst these is/ are correct option(s) for carrying out a characteristic test for identification of a carboxylic acid (acetic acid) in the laboratory?

1. (a) only

2. (c) only

3. (a) and (b)

4. (c) and (d)

Que. 2 On adding concentrated NaOH solution to a test tube containing phenolphthalein, the colour change observed by a student would be:

a. Pink to colourless

b. Pink to blue

c. Colourless to pink

d. Red to blue

Que. 3 A student observed a focussed slide of a stage of binary fission in Amoeba under a microscope as seen below:

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper SA2 2013

Which of the following is most appropriate statement with respect to the observationa) preliminary stage

b) intermediate stage where the nucleus is divided and cytoplasm is not

c) intermediate stage where the cytoplasm is divided and nucleus is not

d) final stage

Que. 4 A student while observing the properties of acetic acid would report that this acid smells like

(i) vinegar and turns red litmus blue

(ii) rotten egg and turns red litmus blue

(iii) vinegar and turns blue litmus red

(iv) rotten egg and turns blue litmus red

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