CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2018 (5)

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2018 (5). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.


Q1.Name the functional groups present in CH3COOH& CH3COCH3?

Q2. List any two industries based on forest?

Q3. What is the nature of the image formed by a concave mirror if the magnification produced by the mirror is +3?

Q4.Properties of some elements aregiven below. Identify in each case the elements and group in the periodic table to which it belongs

(a) A soft metal stored under kerosene.

(b) An element which is tetravalent and forms the basis of organic chemistry.

Q5.List any two difference between pollination and fertilization.

Q6.(a)Covalent compounds are poor conductors of electricity Give one reason.

(b)Name the compound:

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2018 (5)

(c)What happens when ethanol reacts with sodium. Also write equation for it.

Q7. The elements of second period of the periodic table are given below:

Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, Ne

i) Atomic radius decreases from Li to F .Give reason.

ii) Identify the most metallic and non-metallic elements

iii) Write the valency of Li and O.

Q8.Compare the Mendeleev’s Periodic Table with Modern Periodic Table.(any three points)

Q9.Draw the well labelled diagram of female reproductive system .

Q10. Draw the longitudinal section of flower and label on it the following:

(a) ovary (b) style (c) stigma (d) anther 

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