CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper Set B


1 Lead Nitrate Pb(NO3)2 on heating forms lead oxide, nitrogen dioxide and oxygen. Write abalanced equation for this reaction.

2 The increase in demand for energy is affecting our environment adversely. List two such effects . 

3 Why Respiration reaction is consider as exothermic reaction? 

4 A metal X which is used in thermit process, when heated with oxygen gives an oxide Y which is amphoteric in nature. Identify X and Y. Write the reaction of oxide ‘Y’ with NaOH.

5 What is electromagnetic induction ? State the rule used to find the direction of induced current in a moving conductor in a magnetic field.

6 Rahul put a substance A in a china dish and left it in the open air near the window. After some time its colour changed to grey. Translate the above statement into a balanced chemical equation.Why do we need to balance a chemical equation? Name the type of the reaction in this case.


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