CBSE Class 10 English Question Paper 2012 (14)

CBSE Class 10 English Question Paper 2012 (14). Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.



I. Choose the contexts that is nearest to the italicized word from those given below each sentences : 

1. Hughie had every accomplishment except that of making money.

   a) He aligned with enemies for the sake of gold

   b) Monisha has the unique ability to tackle crisis situations

   c) The police caught the accomplice of Mohan in the twin-murder case

   d) He had no job

2. Hughie was popular with everyone.

   a) The answer remains unknown

   b) Kolkata is a populous city

   c) The rat peeped out of its hole

   d) Sachin is a well known cricketer

3. Ancient Greeks articulated how music works.

   a) She is deaf and dumb

   b) This article is very costly

   c) Wordsworth expressed his love for nature in his poems

   d) Suppressed anger becomes a poison tree

4. Art is a part of survival.

   a) Some leaders introduce popular schemes for their longer existence in politics

   b) The survey took a long time

   c) The CCTV cameras watched the entrance of schools carefully

   d) Unable to withstand the shock of his son’s death, he died

5. What an amazing model! Said Raju

   a) The patient had a surprising recovery

   b) The scenery was splendid

   c) The walls were brightly painted

   d) The issue is an alarming one

II. Choose the correct antonyms for the italicized words from the given options: 

6. He cursed himself for his inability to fulfill the condition

   a) Inadequacy b) Capacity c) Ability d) Sincere

7. Many created art

   a) Composed b) produced c) Admired d) Destroyed

8. He extended a sealed envelope

   a) Closed b) Secret c) Confidential d) Opened

9. Planets are permanent objects

   a) Perennial b) Flowing c) Temporary d) Everlasting

10. He had a perfect profile

   a) Rounded b) Imperfect c) Impersistent d) Impressive

III.Answer any TEN of the following:

11. Expand the abbreviation ‘BIOS’

12. Choose the sentence that is correct in meaning:

   a) You are not allowed to talk inside library.

   b) You are not aloud to talk inside the library

13. Replace the underlined word with its equivalent American English Word.

   a) My cousin borrows good books from the Mobile library.

14. Which of the words given below can be placed after ‘Arm’ to form a compound word?

   a) Desk b) Stool c) Chair d) Table

15. Give the plural of ‘Fungus’.

16. Choose the appropriate prefix to the word ‘Pronounce’ from the given prefixes:

   a) Mis b) Un c) Pre d) dis

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