CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper SA1 2011

CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper SA1 2011. Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.

Summative Assessment – I, 2011 ENGLISH COMMUNICATIVE Class - X

Literature 20 marks

SECTION A (Reading – 20 Marks)

Q1.Read the following passage carefully:

Oliver Goldsmith, a great English writer , was born at Lissoy, a pretty Irish village. His father was poor but very kind hearted. No traveller ever asked him for help and went away empty handed. An old dame taught letters of alphabet to Young Goldsmith. She said he was the dullest pupil. Young Goldsmith‟s life was full of troubles. He was most unhappy in his school and college days. He was rather ugly and looked more so on account of small pox marks. His school mates treated him roughly and cruelly and made fun of him. Goldsmith joined Trinity college, Dublin before the gates of which his statue now stands. Goldsmith was admitted free to the college. But for that he had to sweep out the courts and help to carry up dishes at dinner time. He was very unhappy in college. No one was kind to him. He did not show himself clever enough to receive the kind attention of his tutors. He had little money and what he had, he usually gave to the first beggar whom he met. He studied medicine for three years, but left the college without a degree. He worked as a chemist‟s assistant and then practised as a doctor without much success. He wore an old suit with a large patch. When he visited his patients he was asked to cover this sign of poverty with this hat. Complete the following statement by selecting the most appropriate options from the ones given below.

(a) Oliver Goldsmith was a native of ___________.

(i) England (ii) Scotland (iii) Holland (iv) Ireland

(b) Goldsmith was unhappy at school because ___________.

(i) he was poor (ii) he was dull (iii) he was ugly (iv) he was without friends

(c) Goldsmith‟s tutors did not pay attention to him because ___________.

(i) he was poor (ii) he was a free student (iii) he was a dull student (iv) he was rude to others

(d) He wore an old suit with a large patch as ___________.

(i) he was poor and could not afford new clothes (ii) it was in fashion those days (iii) he was indifferent to his dress (iv) it was his favourite coat

(e) The college put up Goldsmith‟s statue at the gate as ___________.

(i) he qualified from that college and became a doctor (ii) they were unkind to him when he was in that college(iii) he was a poor student who later became rich. (iv) he became a famous writer

Q2. Read the following passage carefully:

Amazon Rainforest The Amazon is the world‟s largest tropical rainforest. It covers an area of nearly 2.8 million square miles, which is nearly the size of the continent of Australia. The Amazon Rainforest gets its life from the majestic Amazon River, the world‟s second largest river, which runs directly through the heart of the region. The rainforest itself is simply the drainage basin for the river and its many tributaries. The vast forest itself consists of four layers, each featuring its own ecosystems and specially adapted plants and animals. The forest floor is the lowest region. Since only two percent of the sunlight filters through the top layers to the understory, very few plants grow here. The forest floor, however, is rich with rotting vegetation and the bodies of dead organisms, which are quickly broken down into nutrients and integrated into the soil. Tree roots stay close tothese available nutrients and decomposers such as millipedes and earthworms use these nutrients for food. Complete the following statements by selecting the most appropriate options from the ones given below :

(a) The Amazon rain forest is the size of the continent of __________

(i) U. S. A (ii) Asia (iii) Europe (iv) Australia (b) Amazon river is the world‟s __________

(i) second large river (ii) second largest river (iii) second larger river (iv) largest second river

(c) The forest floor does not contain __________

(i) sand (ii) rotting vegetation (iii) bodies of dead organisms (iv) nutrients

(d) __________ is the lowest region of the rain forest.

(i) Understory (ii) Forest floor (iii) Canopy (iv) Top layer

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