CBSE Class 10 English Communicative SA 1 2010 (6)

CBSE Class 10 English Communicative SA 1 2010 (6). Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.


(Reading - 20 Marks)

1.     Read the following passage carefully:                                                        

I am very fond of atlases.    As a child  I used to find it difficult  to lay my hands on an atlas. So when we started the Foundation at Infosys, I decided to distribute atlases free of cost to  schools so that children could see the country and the world and the vastness of the planet they  lived in. One day as I was coming  back from my work at dusk I saw some cattle  coming  back after grazing.   I smelled  the wonderful  aroma of fresh groundnuts  in the air.  A man was selling  fresh  groundnuts  in front of the local  school.    It was quite irresistible.    I decided  to buy a  kilo of groundnuts  from him.  The man, obviously a farmer was selling his product directly to  customers passing that way.

He weighed a kilo and gave it to me loose.  Take this and put it in your bag,'  I was not carrying  one so I asked him if he could get one from somewhere.  He thought for a while  and then turned to  his  assistant  and said, "Run into the school,  the classrooms are still open. There will be a big  red book there, with thick pages. Tear out one page and get it.  Before I could stop him the boy  had run into the school.  Soon he came back holding a colourful page and I was handed my groundnuts  in it.  I looked closely at the page and realised  that it was from one of the atlases  which  I  had gifted  to the school some months back. I was shocked.

"Why  did you tear the page from this book?" I asked. The man said," some lady gives  these books free to the school.    The Paper is  nice  and thick,  so we use it sometimes for wrapping  things." I was shocked. Sadly I looked at the page which bore the seal of our foundation too. Since  then I  decided  to change my policy  with  regards to extending  monetary help  to needy.  I decided to give only part help henceforth.

Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate  option  from  the ones given  below:

(a)    Why did the narrator distribute  atlases  in schools?

(i)     She wanted all children to know  the locations  of different places in the world  and the  planet earth.

(ii)    She could not afford to buy an atlas  when she was a child.

(iii)   She thought books were the best gift one could give to children.

(iv)    Atlases  had  colourful  and thick  pages.

(b)    The author says before she could stop him the boy had already run into the school. Why did she want to stop him?

(i)      She decided  to put the groundnuts in her handbag.

(ii)    She was in a hurry and she felt the boy would  take long to fetch the paper.

(iii)   She realised at once that the boy would  tear pages from a book which was not a good habit.

(iv)    She felt that the boy would  be punished if he was caught stealing.

(c)    The author changed her mind with respect to extending full help to the poor and the needy.   What made her change her mind?
(i)      She felt that the poor would become lazy if they got into the habit of getting everything  free.
(ii)    She was a strict disciplinarian and did not like to spoil their habits.
(iii)   She felt that any gift given totally free of cost lost its value even amongst the most  needy.
(iv)    Instead of giving help  she thought it was better to give  the poor people suitable  jobs  instead.
(d)  The word 'irresistible' in the passage means:
(i)   Cheap
(ii)  Beautiful
(iii)  Precious
(iv)  Tempting
(e) The lady and the groundnut  seller reacted differently to the tearing of the pages from atlas. Which  statement best describes  their  reactions?
(i)      Both were happy that their  respective  problems  were solved
(ii)    The lady appreciated  the resourcefulness of the boy and the groundnut seller.
(iii)   The lady was shocked and clearly  unhappy at the misuse  of atlases:  the groundnut seller  did not see any harm in tearing pages from books which had been given free of cost.
(iv)    The groundnut  seller  tore the pages reluctantly but the lady assured him that he that  there was no harm in doing it as those books were donated free of cost like tearing pages from the  books but he had no option
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