CBSE Class 10 English Communicative SA 2 2013 (19)

CBSE Class 10 English Communicative SA 2 2013 (19). Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.


(Reading - 20 Marks)

1.     Read the following passage carefully  :                                                                      

At an elevation  of 29,028 feet above sea level,  Mount  Everest is  the world's  tallest mountain. It is relatively young having been formed only 60 million years ago, and it is still  growing  a few millimeters  every year.  It is  in the mountain  range called  the Himalayas. The summit ridge of Mount Everest separates Nepal and Tibet.  Each place has a special  name for this  giant  mountain.  The Nepalese name is  Sagarmatha  which means "goddess of the sky".  The Tibetan name is Chomolungma which means "Mother goddess of the universe".  In English, Mount Everest is named after Sir George Everest the first person to record height and location of the mountain.  A climb to the summit was attempted by George Mallory in 1922, who famously gave his reason for wanting to climb Everest as "because it's there".  He attempted to reach the summit again in the company of Andrew  Irvine  in 1924, but on this  trip  both climbers  disappeared.    The first successful ascent (and decent) was accomplished  by Sir  Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953.

Between 1921 and 2007 over 2000 people have climbed  Mount  Everest, some more than once.  Since  the first ascent in 1953, more than 600 climbers  have reached the summit.  However, over 200 climbers have died in attempting to climb it, most commonly from avalanches, but also from falls in crevasses, cold, or high-altitude sicknesses.Complete the following statements by selecting the most appropriate options  :

(a)    Mount  Everest changes annually by                  .

(i)      getting a little wider             

(ii)    shifting slightly to the north

(iii)   increasing its height slightly

(iv)    shrinking by a few millimeters

(b)    Mount  Everest is  in the mountain range called  the________.

(i)     Andes       

(ii)    Alps       

(iii)   Rocky Mountains       

(iv)    Himalayas

(c)_____________wanted to climb Mount  Everest "because it's  there".

(i)      Tenzing Norgay                   

(ii)    George Mallory

(iii)   Edmund Hillary               

 (iv)    None of the above

(d)    The most common reason for failing to climb Mount Everest is ______.

(i)     avalanches                         

(ii)    falls in crevasses

(iii)   high-altitude  sicknesses       

(iv)    None of the above

(e)    Mount  Everest was named after Sir  George Everest because___________.

(i)      he was able to climb it first

(ii)    he was the first to reach its summit

(iii)   he wanted to name it after his  success

(iv)    he was the first person to record the height  and location  of the mountain.

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