CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2006 (3)

CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2006 (3). Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practiced to get better marks in examinations.

1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 

1. Papaya is the healthiest fruit with a list of properties that is long and exhaustive. Belonging to the family of Caricaceae fruit, it is commonly kown as Papaw in Australia and Mamao in Brazil. It first originated in southern Mexico and neighbouring Central America, but is now available in every tropical and subtropical country. Papaya favours digestion as well as cures skin irritation and sun burns. You can munch on it as a salad, have it cooked or boiled or just drink it up as milkshake or juices. Modern science confirms the age-old beliefs that papaya has much to contribute to the health cause. The most important of these virtues is the protein-digesting enzyme in the milky juice or latex. The enzyme is similar to pepsin in its digestive action and is said to be so powerful that it can digest 200 times its own weight in protein. It assists the body in assimilating the maximum nutritional value from food to provide energy and body building materials.

2. Papain in raw papaya makes up for the deficiency of gastric juice and fights excess of unhealthy mucus in the stomach, dyspepsia and intestinal irritation. The ripe fruit, if eaten regularly corrects habitual constipation, bleeding piles and chronic diarrhea. The juice of the papaya seeds also assists in the abovementioned ailments.

3. The juice, used as a cosmetic, removes freckles or brown spots due to exposure to sunlight and makes the skin smooth and delicate. A paste of papaya seeds is applied in skin diseases like those caused by ringworm. The black seeds of the papaya are highly beneficial in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcoholism, malnutrition, etc. A tablespoonful of its juice, combined with a hint of fresh lime juice, should be consumed once or twice daily for a month. The fresh juice of raw papaya mixed with honey can be applied over inflamed tonsils, for diphtheria and other throat disorders. It dissolves the membrane and prevents infection from spreading.

1.1 Complete the following: 

   a. The other names for papaya are _________________________

   b. Though now found in every tropical country _________________________

   c. One of the most important virtues of papaya is _______________________

   d. Intestinal irritation can be overcome ___________________________

   e. Diseases cured by papaya are ______________________________

   f. Throat disorders can be cured if ____________________________

2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

1. I was shopping in my home town when I heard a young voice boom from across the aisle Mum come here there s a lady my size The mortified mother rushed to the boy who looked about seven then she turned to me to apologise. I smiled and told her It s okay. Then I looked at her wide eyed son He studied me from head to toe and asked. “Why are you so little?” It s the way God made me Some people are little Some are tall I m just not going to grow any bigger After about five minutes of questioning he returned to his mother.

2. My life as a little person is filled with stories like that I enjoy talking to children and explaining why I look different from their parents. It has taken many years of developing my confidence to be able to do that. It takes only one glance to see my uniqueness. I stand three feet nine inches tall. I am an achondroplasia dwarf, which is a person having very short limbs. When I was born, my mother was told I was a dwarf. Not knowing a lot about dwarfism my mum’s main concern was my health. Our family doctor put her mind at ease when he told her that I would not have any major medical concerns. He was right.

3. When I was growing up, my parents encouraged me to do all the things the kids around me did. So when my neighbours got two-wheel bicycles, I got a two-wheel bicycle. When they roller-skated, I rollerskated. Our neighbours treated me as a normal person. I didn’t realise how short I was until I started school. There a few kids picked on me calling me names. After that I began to hate the first day of school each year. I didn’t know who was new and would stare as I struggled to climb up the school-bus stairs. Some of the kids would point out and say, “Look at that kid. Look at her.” Boys could be especially mean.

4. As time went on I tried to smile and accept the fact that I was going to be noticed all my life. I was determined to make my uniqueness an advantage rather than a disadvantage. My friends became increasingly protective. What I lacked in height I made up for in personality. I had the ability to laugh, even at myself. I am 47 now, and stares have not diminished, as I’ve grown older. People ask my friends if I live in a dollhouse. They look in disbelief when they see me get out of my car on the driver’s side. During those times I try to keep a good attitude. When people are rude I remind myself, “Look what else I have—a great family, nice friends.” Children’s questions make my life special. “Why are you so short? How old are you? Are you a mummy?” When I talk to children they leave content that their questions have been answered. My hope is that in taking time with them I will encourage them to accept their peers, whatever size and shape they come in, and treat them with respect.

2.1 Fill in the following summary with one word in each blank: 

The author was a (a) ______________ and wherever she went, people (b) ___________ at her. While (c) ____________________up, she did all the things normal kids do. But at school (d) ___________________kids called her names. She (e) _____________ the first day of school each year. Soon she (f) that she would be noticed all her life.

2.2 Complete the following: 

The difficulties the author had to face due to her size are

a. ____________________________________________

b. ___________________________________________

Her strengths that compensated for her size are

c. ______________________________________________

d. __________________________________________

e. _________________________________________________

2.3 Find words in the passage that are similar in meaning to the following, from the paragraphs indicated. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct question number.

a. hurt, humiliated (Para 1)

b. the quality of being only one of a particular kind (Para 2)

c. inspired with confidence (Para 3)

d. persons of same age (Para 4) 

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