CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Question Paper 2012 (1)

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Question Paper 2012 (1). Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.

ENGLISH (Language and Literature)

SECTION-A (Reading)

1. Read the passage given below and choose the most appropriate answer to each question out of the options that follow: 

In ancient times, the Olympics were associated with Greek religious festivals. Life in ancient Greece revolved around their gods. The Greeks believed that their gods were immortal, and more powerful than human beings., They honoured their gods with festivals devoted to sports. The most important of these festivals were the four national festivals. They were open to sportsmen from all Greek regions and colonies. Each of the festivals was held at a different place and was celebrated in honour of a particular god. The Olympic games were held in Olympia which was an important religious centre in ancient Greece. A magnificent temple was built there in honour of the god, Zeus. He was regarded as the ruler of both gods and men. People tried to please Zeus by excelling in sports, and many contests of skill and strength were held. It was believed that the Olympic games were founded by the Greek hero, Hercules who was known as the son of the god, Zeus. He performed twelve seemingly impossible tasks to become the greatest of all Greek heroes. He cleaned in a single day King Augeas' stables which was an impossible task. The king was fabulously rich and had thousands and thousands of animals. So his stables were extremely dirty and full of stink. Hercules redirected the course of the river, Alpheus through the stables of the king. All the muck and dirt were washed out in a single day. To celebrate this achievement he started the Olympic games in honour of his father, Zeus.(a) The Greeks celebrated festivals devoted to sport to ................... .

   (i) gain physical strength

   (ii) honour their gods

   (iii) get power

   (iv) become immortal

(b) In ancient Greece the Olympic games were held .................. .

   (i) in Greek regions

   (ii) in colonies

   (iii) at religious centres

   (iv) at Olympia

(c) They honoured Zeus by ................... .

   (i) building magnificent temples

   (ii) excelling in sports

   (iii) excelling in contests of skill and strength

   (iv) doing all of the above things

(d) The impossible task performed by Hercules was .................. .

   (i) the cleaning of Augeas' stables in a day

   (ii) removing the muck and dirt from the king's stables

   (iii) redirecting the course of the river through the stables

   (iv) all of the above

(e) The word/phrase in the passage which means 'deathless' is ..................... .

   (i) gods

   (ii) immortal

   (iii) human beings

   (iv) religious centre

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