CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2013 (5)

CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2013 (5). Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.



SECTION A — (Reading)

A1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

More years ago than I care to remember, I became a member of a very special kind of “pyramid club.” A teenager on summer break from high school in Ottawa, Canada, I got the urge to see more of my country. I hitchhiked, landing a few odd jobs along the way — picking apples or chopping firewood for a meal and permission to bed down in some farmer’s barn. Finally I ran out of money and jobs.

It was late in the evening when a very old car chugged up the road; it stopped when I thrust out my thumb. The driver was a middle-aged man in worn work clothes — a local farmer. When he came to where he was turning off, he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a two-dollar note. “Here,” he said. “Take this.” Two dollars was a useful amount of money back then. A chocolate bar or a soft drink was about five cents; a hot dog, ten; a hamburger, 25. “No, thank you,” I protested. “I am fine.” “Take it,” he said. “It’s a loan. You can pay me back by giving two dollars to a young person a few years from now - when you have It and they don’t.”

I have never forgotten that man. Over the years, I have returned the loan many times over, periodically raising the amount to account for inflation. Each time I asked the recipient to pass it on to some other young person when he was able, along with instructions on how to pay it back. I wonder how many others have benefited from the unique pyramid club that farmer started, all those years ago, with two dollars. 

A1.1 Complete the following sentences. Write the answers in your answer sheet.

(a) During summer break, the author ________________________________ .

(b) When the author thrust out his thumb, ____________________________ .

(c) The author accepted the two dollars when ________________________ .

(d) The author not only kept the driver’s word but also raised ____________ . 

A1.2 Answer the following questions in your answer sheet : 

(a) How did the author raise money during the trip ?

(b) What was the instruction given by the author whenever he gave money to somebody ? 

A2. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow : 

1. A forgotten hilly district in northern Orissa, known more for its rough roads and grinding poverty, has produced at least 22 world-class hockey players for India and dozens who play at the national level. On the Athens Olympic team were three men from Sundergarh — Captain Dilip Tirkey, fellow defender William Xalco and midfielder Ignace Tirkey. Ignace’s younger brother plays in the national junior team. 

2. The hockey hour is upon the villagers and a local tournament is about to begin. The prize is a fattened goat — or khasi — after which the tournament is named and it is through hundreds of events like this that Sundergarh’s most unusual heritage stays alive. An hour before the match, the field is overrun by dozens of little boys —all wannabe Dilips between five and eight years, their faces shining and their sweaty little bodies a blur as they run barefoot on the rocky ground. Some have barely entered the village school but they know their hockey. In this tribal belt a child’s first toy is a hockey stick. Not just the number of bullocks he owns judges an eligible groom, but also by the goals he scores. Weddings are solemnized with an over field face-off between families. 

3. In 2003, the 1500 tribal villages of Sundergarh hosted over 200 hockey tournaments. “We play hockey at the drop of a hat,” laughs former Olympian, Michael Kindo. “And sometimes, even when the hat doesn’t drop.” Nobody can pinpoint exactly when and how hockey came to Sundergarh. But scholars believe that it was the Christian missionaries who introduced it as they swarmed into the tribal region in the 1860s. Whenever schools were set up, they included hockey as an extra-curricular activity. This sport was introduced, as everything required for the sport was available in the forests. Even today, youngsters in the interiors of the district make their own hockey sticks by bending a bamboo shoot, binding one end to create a curve and slow heating it over fire. Youngsters in Lulkidihi village, which has produced the largest number of stars, make a ball by wrapping cloth around a wood apple. 

4. Kindo believes there is a very good reason Sundergarh has taken to the sport — because members of the 36 tribes that make up the district have the build, temperament and even, he says, the DNA. These descendants of ancient hunter-gatherers are said to have immense stamina, keen eyesight and patience. “We tribals are short, but we have strong legs and can stay bent over a stick for hours,” says Kindo. In a sport that focuses on a small, fast-moving ball, the sharper the eyesight the better. 

5. However, only about 5 percent of the state’s budget is set apart for sports. Facilities at the government run Panposh Academy are dismal. Kindo hopes to have more stadia, local and civic tournaments. Hockey is to Sundergarh what cricket is to rest of India — a passion, an aspirational sport that helps the tribals get jobs and earn a living. 

A2.1 Fill in the summary using a word for each blank :

Hockey (a) _____ in the hearts of the people of the village so much so that a game of hockey is played at the drop of a hat. A hockey stick very often (b) _______ a child’s first toy. It is also (c) ______ to note that hockey plays an important role even in (d) _______ an eligible groom. The tribals who constitute Sundergarh owe it to the missionaries who (e) ________ the game there. (f) _______ there are a number of international and national players, very little money is being set apart for hockey in the sports budget. 

A2.2 Complete the following sentences :

(a) Hockey caught on more than other sports as ___________ . .

(b) Sundergarh is known more for its ____________ than hockey. 

A2.3 Answer the following questions :

(a) How do the youngsters make hockey sticks and balls ? 

(b) What are the qualities that the tribals have that contribute to being good at hockey ? 

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