CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2006 (1)

CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2006 (1). Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practiced to get better marks in examinations.




1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 

The Sparrow’s Nest

   1. Hey, only look what I have found!

   2. A Sparrow’s nest upon the ground;

   3. A Sparrow’s nest as you may see,

   4. Blown out of yonder old elm tree.

   5. And what a medley thing it is!

   6. I never saw a nest like this,

   7. Not neatly wove with decent care,

   8. Of silvery moss and shining hair

   9. But put together, odds and ends,

   10. Picked up from enemies and friends

   11. See, bits of thread, and bits of rag,

   12. Just like a little rubbish bag!

   13. Here is a scrap of red and brown,

   14. Like the old washer-woman’s gown;

   15. And here is muslin, pink and green,

   16. And bits of calico between;

   17. O never thinks the lady fair,

   18. As she goes by with mincing air,

   19. How the pert Sparrow over-head,

   20. Has robbed her gown to make its bed!

   21. See, hair of dog and fur of cat, -

   22. And rovings of a worsted mat,

   23. And shreds of silks, and many a feather,

   24. Compacted cunningly together.

   25. Well, here has hoarding been and hiving,

   26. And not a little good contriving,

   27. Before a home of peace and ease

   28. Was fashioned out of things like these!

1.1 Answer the following questions based on the poem above: 

   a. What did the poet find on the ground one day

   b. Where did the poet think it had come from? 

   c. Why does the poet compare it to a ‘little rubbish bag’? 

   d. Pick out a simile from the poem. 

1.2 Write down what the sparrow picked up to make its nest: Find six other things and number them (b) to (g). The first one has been done as an example. 

  (a) Silvery moss and shining hair.

1.3 What does the poet mean by ‘Compacted cunningly together’? 

2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 

Men and their activities have affected nature in a very significant manner.

1. Melting ice and warming waters have raised average sea level worldwide by more than an inch since 1995 new data from space satellites and robotic submarines have revealed

2. That s twice as fast as the rate the oceans rose during the previous 50 years ocean experts said If the current rate continues or accelerates as they say is likely the world s seas will rise at least a foot by the end of this century causing widespread flooding and erosion of islands and low-lying coastal areas.

3. “Even a small change will matter to a whole lot of coastal people. If 15 percent of the Greenland ice sheet were to melt, much of South Florida would be underwater,” said Richard Alley, a geoscientist. The rise in the sea level was caused by a recent speed-up in the melting of glaciers and ice sheets, especially in Greenland and Antarctica, due to global warming, another serious man-made problem threatening the world with severe consequences.

4. Humans have significantly affected the flow of half of the world’s major rivers by building dams according to the first detailed global assessment of the activity s impact.

5. Another study shows that dam building among other human actions has altered the amount of sediment that rivers carry to the coast with implications for marine ecology fisheries and coastal erosion.

6. The first study led by Christer Nilsson of the Landscape Ecology Group at Umea University Sweden assessed the extent to which dams affect 292 largeriver systems. These rivers drain 54 percent of the world’s land area and carry 60 percent of the planet’s river-water

7. Previous surveys had only looked at rivers in the northern hemisphere. Nilsson and colleagues added to this collection new data from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Australasia.

8. The team found that river flow has been strongly affected in four of the world’s ten largest river systems and moderately affected in the other six.

9. Fragmenting river systems and controlling their flow with dams has well-known potential impacts on the ecology of rivers. Among other effects, dams disrupt the migration of animals up- and downstream, an impact that has been linked to the extinction of species of freshwater fish.

10. While areas upstream of dams are flooded to create reservoirs, wetlands downstream can dry out and the fertility of flood plain soil can decline.

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