CBSE Class 10 English Communicative SA 1 2011 (3)

CBSE Class 10 English Communicative SA 1 2011 (3) Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.


(Reading - 20 Marks)

1.     Read the following passage carefully.

Even as the global  production of food grains which supply three - fourths of human energy needs has reached record levels along with overall grain reserves, world hunger continues to rise. And population increase is not the culprit this time.  The rise in the output  of food crops in the 'poor'  countries of Asia,  for instance,  has of late substantially  outstripped  the rate of population growth.   Thailand,  Srilanka  and Indonesia  increased  their  output by 20 percent.  

In Burma, India, China,  Pakistan  and the Philippines,  the increase  has been between 10 and 15 percent.  The problem  of world  hunger has always depended on the relationship  between population and resources, i.e. on whether the world's wealth can adequately support the world's people. It is  therefore, as much a question  of wealth, wealth control  as birth control.Trying to dominate  the long term causes of world  hunger, whether for want of theory or practice, seems as far away as ever.  The world  food council, a part of FAO, had clearly warned of the imminent danger of world  famine.  Food crops are bound to fail, it reckons, in some areas in the near future.   Though grain reserves held  for international releases have now touched recored levels, they are still not enough. And the world prices of grain are generally too high.  Thus at present, half billion people are half starved and malnourished and I twice that number lacks the purchasing power to buy enough food at prevailing prices. The stocks held by the developed nations mean high international  prices and lower availability for food deficit.

Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate  option  from  the ones given below.

(a)    Why according  to the passage does the world  hunger continue  to increase  ?

(i)   The population is  increasing  faster than food production.

(ii)    While food production is increasing reserves are not

(iii)   Food grains supply only three fourths of human energy needs

(iv)    World  wealth is  not adequate to support world  population

(b)    Which of the following is a major factor responsible for keeping large numbers of people starving ?

(i)      There is not enough food in the world

(ii)    People lack  purchasing  power

(iii)   No efforts are made to remove causes of world  hunger

(iv)    Advanced nations  hold large  stocks of food grains

(c)    What is the warning issued by world  food council ?

(i)      Population  is  increasing

(ii)    Purchasing  power is  decreasing

(iii)   Food crops are bound to fail in future

(iv)    Food reserves are falling

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