CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Compartment Question Paper 2020

SECTION A – (Reading) 20
1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
1 Before starting an operation, the nurse in charge usually counts the cotton mops. A mop is a piece of sterilized cotton gauze. At the end of the operation, she counts the used and unused mops and totals them. This figure should tally with the number of mops counted at the start of the surgery. This procedure is followed strictly to prevent the possibility of a mop getting left behind in a patient’s body through oversight.
2 The operation was successful and the surgeon was about to sew up and close the abdomen. In keeping with the routine, he asked the OT nurse, ‘Sister, is the mop count okay ? If it is fine, give me the needle and catgut.’ The young nurse counted the mops and said, ‘Sorry doctor, the count is not okay. There is a difference of one mop.’
3 The surgeon started searching inside the abdomen. He found no mop. ‘No sister, there’s nothing inside,’ he told her. The nurse searched the OT, but she too could not find the missing mop. She was quite concerned. If the mop count did not tally, the surgeon could not stitch up the patient’s abdomen. The surgeon was concerned too. He insisted that if the missing mop was not found, then there must have been an error in the initial count. Politely, but firmly, she said, ‘No sir, unless I find that missing mop, I cannot give you the needle and catgut.’
4 The surgeon controlled his rising anger and searched the abdomen once again. The nurse was in a dilemma. But she did not change her stand. The surgeon warned angrily, ‘If you do not obey my instructions, I will dismiss you after the operation.’
5 The inexperienced nurse’s apparent defiance made the surgeon angry. He looked down in frustration. To his amazement, he saw the blood-soaked cotton mop lying on the OT floor. ‘Hey, the mop is here,’ he exclaimed. ‘Now the count is complete. Give me the ...’
Before he could complete the sentence, the needle and catgut were in his hands.
6 After everything was over, the surgeon called the young nurse aside and expressed his appreciation. He told her, ‘I am sorry that I put extra pressure on you, sister. However, I am curious to know how you could stand your ground even after I threatened you. She said hesitantly, ‘Sir, I merely obeyed the principle taught to me by my teacher - if the mop count is not correct, then the needle and catgut should not be given to the surgeon. I just followed my teacher’s words.’
The surgeon was wonderstruck and immensely pleased.
1.1 On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, answer any eight of the following questions :
(a) What is a mop ?
(b) What is the responsibility of the nurse in charge after an operation ?
(c) Why is it important to count the mops ?
(d) Although the nurse feared losing her job, yet _________.
(e) What did the surgeon insist on ?
(f) Despite pressure from the surgeon, why did the nurse stand her ground ?
(g) What made the surgeon angry ?
(h) Where was the missing mop found ?
(i) Which word in paragraph 4 means the same as ‘a situation in which you have to make a difficult choice’ ?
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