CBSE Class 12 Biology - Reproduction In Organisms Assignment

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1. Offsprings produced by asexual reproduction are referred to as clones. Why?

2. Name the most invasive aquatic plant weed which is called as ‘Terror of Bengal’.

3. How does Zygote usually differ from Zoospore in terms of ploidy?

4. Mention the main difference between the offspring produced by asexual reproduction and progeny produced by sexual reproduction.

5. Which characteristic property of Bryophyllum is exploited by gardeners and farmers?

6. Higher organism have resorted to sexual reproduction inspite of its complexity. Why?

7. Tapeworms posses both male and female reproductive organs. What is the name given to such organism? Give two more examples of such organisms.

8. Study the relationship between first two words and suggest a suitable word for fourth place.

(a) Male flower : Stamens :: Female Flower : .............................

(b) Birds : oviparous :: Primates : .............................

(c) Chlamydomonas : Zoospores :: Penicilium : .............................

(d) Ginger : Rhizome :: Agave : ............................

9. Bryophytes and Pteridophytes produce a large number of male gametes but relatively very few female gametes. Why?

10. Mention the site of zygote formation in the ovule of a flowering plant. What happens to sepals, petals and stamens after fertilisation? State the fate of zygote, ovule and ovary in these plants.

11. Distinguish between gametogenesis and embryogenesis.

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