CBSE Class 12 Biology - Biotechnology Principles and Processes Assignment

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1. A restriction enzyme digests DNA into fragments. Name the technique used to check the progression of this enzyme and separate DNA fragments.

2. Name two commonly used vectors in genetic engineering.

3. Some enzymes are considered as molecular scissors. in genetic engenrring. What is the name assigned to such enzymes?

4. Write conventional nomenclature of EcoRI.

5. A linear DNA fragment and a plasmid has three restriction sites for EcoRI how many fragments will be produced from linear DNA and plasmid respectively.


13. Since DNA is a hydrophillic moelcule, it cannot pass through cell membranes. Name and explain the technique with which the DNA is forced into (ii) a bacterial cell (ii) a plant cell (iii) an animal cell.

14. How will you otbain purified DNA from a cell?

15. In recombinant DNA technology, vectors are used to transfer a gene of interest in the host cells. Mention any three features of vectors that are most suitable for this purpose.

16. Why is “Agrobacterium–mediated genetic engineering transformation” in plants considered as natural genetic engineering?

17. Observe the given sequence of nitrogenous bases on a DNA fragment and answer the following question – 

(a) Name a restriction enzme which can recognise this DNA sequence.

(b) Write the sequence after digestion.

(c) Why are the ends generated after digestion called sticky ends?

18. A selectable marker is used in the section of recombinants on the basis of their ability to produce colour in presence of chromogenic substrate.

(a) Mention the name of mechanism involved.

(b) Which enzyme is involved in production of colour?

(c) How is it advantageous over using antibiotic resistant gene as a selectable marker?


19. The development of bioreactors is required to produce large quantities of products.

(a) Give optimum growth conditions used in bioreactors.

(b) Draw a well labelled diagram of simple stirred – tank bioreactor.

(c) How does a simple stirred – tank’ bioreactor differ from sparged stirred – tank’ bioreactor?

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