CBSE Class 12 Biology Molecular Basis of Inheritance Assignment Set B

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1. Name the factors for RNA polymerase enzyme which recognises the start and termination signals on DNA for transcription process in Bacteria.

2. Mention the function of non-histone protein.

3. During translation what role is performed by tRNA

4. RNA viruses mutate and evolve faster than other viruses. Why?


5. Give six points of difference between DNA and RNA in their structure/ chemistry and function.

6. Explain how does the hnRNA becomes the mRNA.


Explain the process of splicing, capping and tailing which occur during transcription in Eukaryotes.

7. Name the three major types of RNAs, specifying the function of each in the synthesis of polypeptide.

8. Enlist the goals of Human genome project.

9. A tRNA is charged with the amino acid methionine.

(i) Give the anti-codon of this tRNA.

(ii) Write the Codon for methionine.

(iii) Name the enzyme responsible for binding of amino acid to tRNA.

10. Illustrate schematically the process of initiation, elongation and termination during transcription of a gene in a bacterium.


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