CBSE Class 8 English IEO Olympiad MCQs with Answers Set I

Refer to CBSE Class 8 English IEO Olympiad MCQs with Answers Set I provided below. CBSE Class 8 English MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 8 English with answers have been prepared as per the latest syllabus, CBSE books and examination pattern suggested in Class 8 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions for IEO Olympiad are an important part of exams for Class 8 English and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter-wise MCQs for CBSE Class 8 English and also download more latest study material for all subjects

MCQ for Class 8 English IEO Olympiad

Class 8 English students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for IEO Olympiad in Class 8. These MCQ questions with answers for Class 8 English will come in exams and help you to score good marks

IEO Olympiad MCQ Questions Class 8 English with Answers




1. After many meetings and much study, the _______ to move was made by the school board.
A. decidedly
B. decisive
C. decision
D. deciding
Answer : C

2. I think this bag is _______ because I saw that girl put it down.
A. she
B. hers
C. her
D. she’s
Answer : B

3. Often the biggest problem with my _______ is that my style is weak.
A. painting
B. painted
C. paint
D. paints
Answer : A

4. The new gym building _______ over the summer break and should be ready soon.
A. is built
B. had been built
C. was built
D. was being built
Answer : D

5. In the wild, it has been noticed that animals often behave very _______ towards their newborns.
A. gently
B. greatly
C. blandly
D. fatly
Answer : A

6. _______ I hadn’t been expecting any visitors, I was wearing pyjamas when the doorbell rang.
A. While
B. Why
C. Since
D. Due to
Answer : C

7. The new school bus is parked _______ the corner _______ the school.
A. in, on
B. on, with
C. by, up
D. round, from
Answer : D

8. I will go to the concert _______ we can all go together.
A. unless
B. only if
C. consequently
D. happening that
Answer : B

9. You shouldn’t eat fish when it’s hot, _______?
A. are you
B. should you
C. have you
D. could you
Answer : B

10. I was told that Edwin _______ well this week which is why he could not come.
A. isn’t
B. wasn’t being
C. hadn’t been
D. didn’t be
Answer : C

11. Prices are too high, and they will remain _______ until inflation comes down.
A. that
B. as
C. there
D. so
Answer : D

12. Colonists would have left sooner _______ they been asked to leave.
A. if
B. had
C. when
D. were
Answer : B

13. That is really not good news, why on earth _______ have done such a thing?
A. would you
B. you would
C. would
D. you
Answer : A

14. All of _______ birds in the forest are being killed by _______ pollution.
A. the, no article
B. the, a
C. no article, no article
D. no article, a
Answer : A

15. There is concern that the standard of ______ in Europe is much worse than it was 10 years ago.
A. educate
B. educating
C. educated
D. education
Answer : D

16. I was almost ready to go out, but losing one of my shoes really threw _______ spanner in the works.
A. the
B. some
C. a
D. like
Answer : C

17. I feel quite _______ after that long journey and I think I may have a cold too.
A. jogged down
B. run down
C. sat up
D. moved in
Answer : B

18. It’s _______ that the hours have been changed for practice this season.
A. up with
B. not on
C. down and out
D. around about
Answer : B

19. I _______ for hours if I’d been allowed to.
A. must be talking
B. probably was talking
C. are going to talk
D. would have talked
Answer : D

20. We’ll need to discuss _______ we should close the shop.
A. about
B. whether
C. that
D. what
Answer : B

21. It is difficult to _______ the reaction to the defeat.
A. quantify
B. count
C. develop
D. recompense
Answer : A

22. There is great _______ between the new teacher and I.
A. attitude
B. rapport
C. happiness
D. encouragement
Answer : B

23. The results of the experiments will be _______ in the next class.
A. damaged
B. underplayed
C. scrutinised
D. positioned
Answer : C

24. The choir sang in _______ for the first time today.
A. unison
B. botanical
C. connection
D. definition
Answer : A


25. Tamper
A. Meddle
B. Try out
C. Employ
D. Conscience
Answer : A

26. Revamp
A. Destruct
B. Overhaul
C. Evolve
D. Deride
Answer : B


27. Rigour
A. Rediscovery
B. Accountability
C. Laxity
D. Emptiness
Answer : C

28. Rowdy
A. Restrained
B. Energetic
C. Concerted
D. Practically
Answer : A


29. What is the spelling of the word that means ‘to pay someone’?
A. Rumoneirate
B. Ramoonirate
C. Rimounirate
D. Remunerate
Answer : D

30. What is the spelling of the word that means ‘language used in ordinary conversation’?
A. Colloquial
B. Caloquial
C. Colokwial
D. Kolokwial
Answer : A



Experts predict myopia, or nearsightedness, will reach epidemic proportions by the end of the decade, with over a third of the world’s population requiring glasses or contact lenses. However, if a team of ophthalmologists from a Medical Center in Jerusalem have their way, the crisis may be averted with special “nanodrops” created to correct refractive errors responsible for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or blurred vision.
The professor of electrical engineering and nanophotonics at Bar-Ilan University, who worked on the project, says the procedure requires three simple steps. Prospective patients will begin by using a smartphone app to measure their eyes’ refractive index. A laser pattern, based on the app’s calculations, will then be created and projected onto the surface of each eye. The final step will be to put a predetermined number of the drops, which contain “special nanoparticles,” into each eye.
The rese archer explains, “ These nanoparticles go into the shallow laser patterns generated on the surface of the eye and change the refraction index inside those patterns. This corrects the visual problem the user has.” The best part is, the procedure can be conducted at home without the presence of a medical doctor. The team leader asserts the technique is far less painful and invasive than laser surgery.
It is a new concept for correcting refractory problems; the treatment has thus far only been successfully tested on animals. The team, which hopes to start human trials soon, believes it will take at least two years before the revolutionary eye drops will be available on the market. In addition to ensuring they are safe and effective for humans, the researchers still have to determine the dosage needed to correct the different conditions and also, how frequently the treatment will have to be administered to keep the patient’s eyesight sharp.
Researchers say, the rise in myopia in kids can be attributed to the increasingly large amount of time spent on computers and phones. Studies have proven that just two to three hours of daily sunshine exposure can reduce vision-related issues dramatically. So, set aside your digital devices and head out for a bike ride, run, or stroll. It will not only help you see better, but also make you healthier!

31. Choose the best title or heading for the passage.
A. A Drop Away from Perfect Vision
B. More Sport and Less Work Helps Vision
C. Fewer People Need Glasses Now
D. All the Better for New Glasses
Answer : A

32. What is used to monitor the eye?
A. Glasses
B. Computer
C. Otoscope
D. Smartphone
Answer : D

33. Where should it all take place?
A. In a specially designed room
B. In hospital
C. Outside in the sun
D. At home
Answer : D

34. How long will it be before the drops can be purchased?
A. 2 years
B. 1 year
C. 3 years
D. less than a year
Answer : A

35. What does the word ‘stroll’ mean in the final paragraph?
A. Deliver
B. Amble
C. Visualise
D. Sit
Answer : B


In January, 20XX, as Amazon Inc.’s stock soared to an all-time high, its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who owns 17% of the company, dethroned Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates to become the world’s richest person. Since then, the company’s stock has risen an additional 20 percent, increasing the entrepreneur’s net worth from $105 billion to $125 billion! To put it in perspective, that is more than the GDP of over 125 of the world’s 195 countries.
The incredible journey began in 1994 when Bezos was working as a software engineer for a global investment management company. One day, while surfing the Internet for new investment ideas, he read that the World Wide Web usage was increasing by 2,300 percent every month! The impressive statistic gave him an idea — what if he could use this fast-growing new medium to sell goods to the public? Though pursuing his dream would mean leaving his nice job that came with a sixfigure salary, the then 30-year-old was convinced he was on the right track.
After considering about 20 potential products, including software and CD’s, Bezos decided to sell books. They were easy to package, hard to damage, and most importantly, his virtual store could offer all of the millions of book titles available, something even the biggest physical bookstores were unable to accommodate. After scouting out locations across the US, the entrepreneur, and his wife MacKenzie, chose the Seattle, Washington metropolitan area for their new venture. In addition to being home to a big pool of high-tech talent that would be needed to build the online store, it was also close to Ingram Book Group’s Oregon warehouse.
Bezos and five employees began building the world’s first virtual bookstore inside the garage of his home. The first order of business was to find a suitable name. After his first choice was misunderstood, he eventually decided on Amazon.
In July 1995, opened its “doors” to customers with over a million book titles. They initially rang a bell to celebrate every sale. However, the fun tradition had to be abandoned within a few months as book sales escalated sharply. After expanding the offerings to include CD’s and videos, Bezos sent out 1,000 e-mails to existing customers asking them what else they would like delivered to their doors.
In 2005, recognising that customers wanted their orders quickly and without paying exorbitant rates, Bezos introduced the subscription-based Amazon Prime. In 2012, he made the $99 annual membership even more attractive with Amazon Video which, in addition to streaming movies and television shows, also produces original shows. In 2017, the company made its first foray into physical stores with the acquisition of leading organic grocery chain Whole Foods. And Bezos is not done yet — in January 2018, Amazon announced it was partnering with two other companies to form a single company to provide U.S. workers and families with better health insurance options than what is currently available.

36. Choose the best title or heading for the passage.
A. A Shop Like a Jungle
B. Journey of Amazon
C. Get Rich Quick
D. Setting Up a Global Company
Answer : B

37. What industry did Bezos work in before setting up
A. Literary
B. Sales and marketing
C. Financial
D. Internet
Answer : C

38. Why did Bezos email his customers?
A. To sell fewer CDs and more books
B. To get bigger subscriptions
C. To develop better marketing
D. To get more ideas
Answer : D

39. Amazon has moved from a bookshop to _______.
A. helping foreign families
B. selling cars
C. making TV shows
D. selling fast food
Answer : C

40. What is the meaning of the word ‘foray’ in last paragraph?
A. Venture
B. Route
C. Tunnel
D. Situation
Answer : A



41. Joss : I’ve visited quite a few tropical countries but _______, I have never seen a crocodile before today.
A. strangest
B. strangely
C. strange
D. stranger
Answer : B

42. Bambi : I’m never allowed to get _______ anything with my brother and his friends.
A. in on
B. at it
C. up with
D. down to
Answer : A

43. Fran : What position will you come in the competition?
Derek : I honestly haven’t a _______ and don’t really care either.
A. direction
B. help
C. clue
D. guessing
Answer : C

44. Sam : What is the name of the team that won the league?
Dave : I don’t know, _______ it’s the Tigers.
A. instantly
B. must be
C. obviously
D. perhaps
Answer : D

45. Ali : _______ on arriving early was never going to work out for this trip.
A. Going
B. Getting
C. Planning
D. Thinking
Answer : C


46. No sooner had the doors opened _______ all the flies came into the living room.
A. but
B. so
C. than
D. that
Answer : C

47. I don’t really see how this could be _______ for so long and in such an incredibly secure environment.
A. happen
B. happens
C. happened
D. happening
Answer : D

A. Empty
B. Trampled
C. Plain
D. Vibrant
Answer : C

A. Reliable
B. Sociable
C. Retrievable
D. Believable
Answer : B

Dravinder: It’s not such a big deal, you just have to get _______ and look forward.
A. over it
B. up it
C. in it
D. down it
Answer : A

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