CBSE Class 8 English IEO Olympiad MCQs with Answers Set D

Refer to CBSE Class 8 English IEO Olympiad MCQs with Answers Set D provided below. CBSE Class 8 English MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 8 English with answers have been prepared as per the latest syllabus, CBSE books and examination pattern suggested in Class 8 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions for IEO Olympiad are an important part of exams for Class 8 English and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter-wise MCQs for CBSE Class 8 English and also download more latest study material for all subjects

MCQ for Class 8 English IEO Olympiad

Class 8 English students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for IEO Olympiad in Class 8. These MCQ questions with answers for Class 8 English will come in exams and help you to score good marks

IEO Olympiad MCQ Questions Class 8 English with Answers




1. The scale is an essential ____________ in every geometry class.
A. cemetery
B. stationary
C. accessory
D. dietary
Answer : C

2. Stirring constantly, he observed that the water and oil mixture formed an __________.
A. emission
B. emulsion
C. expulsion
D. eversion
Answer : B

3. The dense clouds in the sky ____________ the sighting of the moon.
A. apparent
B. vague
C. secure
D. obscure
Answer : D

4. Banks have the right to accept or ___________ your credit request.
A. ascent
B. allow
C. decline
D. rise
Answer : C

5. The information booklets on road safety were distributed_____________.
A. indefinitely
B. indiscriminately
C. inadvertently
D. imperceptibly
Answer : B

6. The average temperatures _____________ reached below freezing point.
A. occasional
B. hardy
C. frequent
D. seldom
Answer : D

7. The _________ in crude prices has raised many doubts in the market.
A. spurt
B. sprite
C. spirit
D. seep
Answer : A

8. A ___________ of lions
A. pride
B. pack
C. coterie
D. herd
Answer : A

9. One index, many _________
A. index
B. indexs
C. indice
D. indices
Answer : D

10. One who will do anything for money -
A. Monetary
B. Mercenary
C. Millenary
D. Beneficiary
Answer : B

11. The soup he made was watery and tasted _________.
A. dull
B. spice
C. bland
D. fla 
Answer : C

12. The travel company faced a huge ________ this financial year.
A. defunct
B. elicit
C. tacit
D. deficit
Answer : D

13. More steel was used to ____________ the main body of the construction.
A. cogitate
B. reinforce
C. impose
D. undermine
Answer : B

14. The audience stood up to ___________ him on his remarkable achievement.
A. jeer
B. defraud
C. applaud
D. blare
Answer : C

15. His weakening eyesight made him unable to _________ between the colours.
A. distinguish
B. extinguish
C. languish
D. anguish
Answer : A


16. She _______ to this song since morning.
A. was listening
B. had listened
C. have been listening
D. has been listening
Answer : D

17. Despite the heavy rush, Ali ____________ the store for the last two months all by himself.
A. has been managing
B. managing
C. had managed
D. will be managing
Answer : A

18. The factory workers won’t call off the strike unless the management ________ their salary.
A. be raising
B. raising
C. raise
D. raises
Answer : D

19. Kabir is good at Maths __________ his sister is good at Arts.
A. although
B. if
C. whereas
D. as
Answer : C

20. The sobbing child __________ eagerly for the sweet since morning.
A. has been waiting
B. waiting
C. can wait
D. been waiting
Answer : A

21. I asked him __________ he was ___________ the meeting or not.
A. when, attended
B. while, attending
C. whether, attending
D. despite, attended
Answer : C



It was a raw, cold day in early April. Since morning, the clouds had been gathering, which now hung, dark and heavy, over both land and sea. The wind, which had been steadily increasing for hours in violence, now blew little short of a gale. It evidently was going to be a terrible night, and that night was nearly at hand.
No one realised this more than the boy who, with a small bundle in one hand and a stout staff in the other, was walking rapidly along the road, in sight of Long Island Sound, from New Haven to New London.
He was a youth that would have attracted attention anywhere. Tall for his age, and not more than eighteen years, he was also of good proportions. He walked with an ease and stride which suggested reserved strength and muscular development. But it was the boy’s face that was most noticeable. Frank, open, of singular beauty in feature and outline, there was also upon it unmistakable evidences of intelligence, resoluteness and honesty of purpose. A close observer might also have detected traces of suffering or of sorrow.
The boy was warmly clad for the chilly air and piercing wind. Now and then, he drew his light overcoat about him, as though even his rapid walking did not make him entirely comfortable. He, moreover, looked eagerly ahead, like one who was watching for some signs of his destination. Reaching at length the foot of a long hill, he drew a sigh of relief, and said, aloud: “I must be near the place now. They said it was at the top of the first long hill I came to, and this must be it.” As he spoke, he quickened his pace to a run and soon reached the summit, quite out of breath, but with genial warmth in his body that he had not experienced for some hours.
Pausing now for a moment to catch his breath, he looked about him. Dim as was the light of the fast-falling evening, he could not help giving an exclamation of delight at the view he saw. To the west of him he saw the twinkling lights of several villages, through which he had already passed. To the north, there was a vast stretch of land, shrouded in darkness. To the south was the sound, its tossing waves capped with white, its islands like so many gems on the bosom of the angry waters. “It must be a beautiful place to live in, and I hope to find a home here,” he remarked, as he resumed his journey.

22. Why was it going to be a ‘terrible night’?
A. It was a cold day in April.
B. A storm was coming.
C. It was nearly night.
D. It was windy.
Answer : B

23. How does the author describe the traveller?
A. Tall, well-built youth
B. Weak youth with a bundle
C. Slim and beautiful
D. Strong but unattractive
Answer : A

24. What does the boy see to the south from the summit?
A. The flickering lights of villages
B. A vast land cloaked by nightfall
C. His destination with its islands and waves
D. Precious stones in the stormy waters
Answer : C

25. Why did the boy draw ‘a sigh of relief’ and ‘quicken his pace’?
A. He was far from his destination.
B. He was at the base of the first hill.
C. he reached the hill top.
D. he was breathless.
Answer : B

26. What were the boy’s possessions?
A. A worn-out suitcase and an overcoat
B. A small bundle of clothes and a heavy   stick
C. Warm clothes and some food
D. Unlimited wealth and nice clothes
Answer : B

27. What was not noticeable about the boy’s face?
A. Frank, open expression
B. Singular beauty in facial features
C. Intelligence, resoluteness
D. Dishonest intentions
Answer : D

28. What did the boy hope to find?
A. Home sweet home
B. A beautiful island
C. Numerous villages
D. Vast expanse of land
Answer : A


There never was a happier or more devoted husband than the male bluebird. He is the gay champion and escort of the female at all times. And while she is sitting he feeds her regularly. It is very pretty to watch them building their nest. The male is very active in hunting out a place and exploring the boxes and cavities. But he seems to have no choice in the matter and is anxious only to please and encourage his mate, who has the practical turn and knows what will do and what will not. After she has suited herself he applauds her immensely, and away the two go in quest of material for the nest, the male acting as guard and flying above and in advance of the female. She brings all the material and does all the work of building, he looks on and encourages her with gesture and song.
He acts also as inspector of her work, but I fear is a very partial one. She enters the nest with her bit of dry grass or straw, and, having adjusted it to her notion, withdraws and waits nearby while he goes in and looks it over. On coming out he exclaims very plainly, “Excellent! Excellent!” and away the two go again for more material.
I was much amused one bright summer day on seeing a bluebird feeding her young one in the shaded street of a large town. She had captured a cicada or harvest-fly, and after bruising it awhile on the ground, she flew with it to a tree and placed it in the beak of the young bird. It was a large morsel, and the mother seemed to have doubts of her chick’s ability to dispose it of, for she stood near and watched its efforts with great solicitude. The young bird struggled valiantly with the cicada, but made no headway in swallowing it, when the mother took it from him and flew to the sidewalk, and proceeded to break and bruise it more thoroughly. Then she again placed it in his beak, and seemed to say, “There, try it now,” and sympathised so thoroughly with his efforts that she repeated many of his motions and contortions.

29. What makes the male bluebird special to the female?
A. He feeds her, regularly.
B. He cheers and makes his partner happy.
C. He searches for a place in the boxes and cavities.
D. All of these.
Answer : D

30. Where was the bluebird feeding her chick?
A. in the shade of a tree in the street
B. on the sidewalk of the street
C. in the nest on the tree
D. in the boxes and cavities
Answer : A

31. What does the pair of bluebirds do together?
A. survey boxes and cavities
B. look for a place for the nest
C. search material for the nest
D. decorate the nest with hay 
Answer : C

32. How does the male bluebird encourage the female bluebird?
A. by feeding her a cicada
B. with sign and song
C. by examining her work
D. by watching over her
Answer : B

33. The male bluebird have no say in the choice of the nest because ________.
A. he only examines her work
B. he is full of admiration for his mate
C. the female bluebird knows what is suitable
D. the female bluebird builds the nest
Answer : C

34. Why did the mother doubt her chick’s ability?
A. it was a large morsel.
B. it was a cicada.
C. it was a chick.
D. there was a bit of dry grass.
Answer : A

35. What is their quest as described in the given passage?
A. Search for a place
B. Exploring the boxes and cavities
C. To look for material for the nest
D. Catch a cicada
Answer : C




36. Arpana : “What did the doctor say?”
Archana : “My doctor told me to __________ on my dessert.”
A . catch up
B . back up
C . fall back
D . cut back
Answer : D

37. Vidya : “Mum doesn’t look too happy, does she?”
Vimla : “No, she ____________________.”
A . doesn’t hit the mark
B . looks like a wet weekend
C . isn’t on her party streak
D . can’t be in the colour of life
Answer : C

38. Sahay : “How did you like the show?”
Behl : “____________, I am not sure.”
A . True speaking
B . I tell you
C . Beyond doubt
D . To tell you the truth
Answer : D

39. Ravi : “I have been given the pink slip.”
Rahul : “_________________”
A . It is a laughing matter.
B . This is no great matter.
C . You are joking, right?
D . Of course, you are.
Answer : C

40. Samar : “I just broke a glass, I’m so sorry!”
Samir : “_____________________.”
A . Don’t worry, no harm done
B . Don’t cry over spilled milk
C . The cat will get the cream
D . Don’t kill two birds with one stone
Answer : A


Navya : I enjoy shopping as it is a very relaxing activity. I happen to like it very much.
Kavya : When I go shopping, I go with a very (41) purpose in mind.
Navya : I like to go from one shop to another. I (42) through their display and the products they have to offer.
Kavya : I also like to go shopping in small stores. The (43) there is always friendly.
Navya : Me too. We have a small community shopping centre quite close to our apartment. It is very (44) with the locals who often visit it after office hours.
Kavya : I also have one near my home. It is very convenient for shopping for your daily needs. The people who run the store are very kind and helpful. I always seem to end up having a good (45) with them whenever I go to shop at their store.

A. definite
B. sharp
C. determined
D. firm
Answer : A

A. sample
B. browse
C. taste
D. examine
Answer : B

A. medium
B. protocol
C. scenery
D. ambience
Answer : D

A. straight
B. chosen
C. popular
D. illusory
Answer : C

A. accommodation
B. administration
C. conversation
D. combinatio 
Answer : C



46. John was ________ joining their faction.
A. coerced into
B. encouraged to
C. assisted for
D. stopped by
Answer : A

47. The eccentric economist’s ideas were brilliant although a little unusual and ________.
A. abnormal
B. average
C. unorthodox
D. rare
Answer : C

48. His crazy ideas ____________ testing before proceeding on them.
A. errant
B. expectorant
C. ignorant
D. warrant
Answer : D

49. He failed to pass the entrance exam _______ working very hard.
A. even though
B. though
C. despite
D. although
Answer : C

50. choose the best response for the given situation.
Garv : “It’s only been two days since I started to learn, but I am already in the advanced level.”
Girish : “Hey, take it slow, learn to walkbefore you run.”
What does Girish mean?
A. Be optimistic.
B. We should rush to do something.
C. Don’t rush before learning how to do it.
D. Deal with the problem when it comes.
Answer : C

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