CBSE Class 12 Writing Short Stories

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End of the Unit Review Questions

1. Comprehension and Vocabulary.

(a) What are the elements of fiction? What is their significance vis-a-vis short stories.

(b) Define the following

   (i) round characters

   (ii) flat characters

   (iii) setting

   (iv) point of view

2. Give features of the following and collect a sample of each of them. Analyse the characteristic features in detail and place them in your Portfolio.

   (i) ghost story

   (ii) detective story

3. Complete the given dialogue and develop a short story centred around it. As I entered the mall, he merged with the crowd and kind of disappeared Oh! What bad luck! Really, But, I desperately need to …………………………

You can create suitable identities for A and B. Revise and edit your short story before adding it to your Portfolio.

4. Review a short story of your choice. Your review should include Title, Author, Plot, Characters, Language and Style, Unique features Add these to your Portfolio after revision. Choose any five short-story writers. Find out about their work, the time they worked in and their writing.


Writing for the Portfolio

High time we stop moral policing Outsourcing happening in networking sites

1. In your spare time, you sometimes help out under-privileged and disadvantaged children. Write about an account of an experience when it seemed that all your attempts to handle a difficult child are turning futile. Gradually however your patience and concern has finally paid off. Try to address in your writing: What was your objective?

What were the issues?

What did you do when things were not working out?

How did things improve?

How did the child feel finally?

2. On a recent visit to a nearby Shopping complex, you found some children wandering aimlessly and they seemed to have lost their way. Write in around 500 words how you approached the situation.

3. We all grow up with lots of adventures. You also must have had some interesting ones already. Write in the Portfolio about one such adventure which will never fade with time in your memory.

4. Given below are some newspaper headlines. Pick any two and write an article in not more than 500 words for your Portfolio.

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