CBSE Class 12 Fashion Studies Basics of Garment Making

CBSE Class 12 Fashion Studies Basics of Garment Making. Students can download the specific chapters from the CBSE and NCERT text books from Please refer to the attached file to access the chapters. The books and specific chapters have been collected by the tutors on studiestoday for the benefit of CBSE students. They can access these chapters anywhere and use them for their studies.

Basics of Garment Making


This course is continuation with that of course in class XIth. The advanced skills are required for converting fabrics into a stitched garment, with value addition are covered in this year. Emphasis is on how to finish the openings and on assembling of complete garment.

Basic Preparation

Prior planning and clarity is necessary for the performance of the exercises. Read handouts, appropriate lab manuals and textbooks before performing the practical. Follow all precautions and regulations while working in the lab. Listen carefully to any introductory remarks and experimental procedure given by your teacher. Make sure that your working space is clean and organized, and all the required stocks and materials are kept ready. Maintain the discipline in your working area.

Recording Practical Results

Practical results should be recorded in the recommended record/file neatly and legibly with great care. The record of exercises may be done in the following headings:

1 Introduction/Aim State precisely the purpose and objectives of the experiment in two or three sentences.

2. Materials and methods The requirements like equipment, materials, etc. should be given here. Besides, methods should also be described along with principles of the techniques used.

3. Sample / Results The sample should be attached here.

4. Discussion and Conclusions Here, the results should be interpreted and conclusions be drawn.

5. References Reading materials that were consulted for the experiment be given as reference (e.g. your lab manual) along with the name of the author and the book, pages referred and year of publication.

Safety rules in the laboratory

l Safety rules to be observed while working on the machine: Safety is important to everyone and it is ones responsibility to maintain a safe working place.

l When operating the machine, do not be careless.

l Always inspect the machine before starting the work. Be sure it is clean and threaded correctly, with no loose threads on the pulley belt and all guards in place.

l When in doubt, ask the teacher.

l Report any injuries or accidents immediately to the teacher.

l Wipe up any oil spilled on the floor immediately to prevent anyone from slipping.

l Operate machines only with permission.

l When sewing on a power machine, wear low shoes and close-fitting clothing. Avoid loose-fitting sleeves, sweaters, jewellery, ties and ribbons when operating the machine. If your hair is long, tie it at the back.

l Do not tilt your chair forward or backward while operating the machine.

l Use both hands to raise and lower the machine head.

l Always keep your head above the table.

l Keep your feet off the treadle when you are not operating the machine.

l Keep your feet off the treadle when you are setting or threading the needle.

l Turn the motor off when you are not stitching.

l Turn the motor off before cleaning, oiling or adjusting the machine.

l Turn the motor off before removing or replacing the

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