CBSE Class 12 Procedure for doing enteries in payroll software

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Procedure for doing enteries in payroll software
When prompted by the operating system, and enter key is pressed, a menu will display on the screen with the following four options:
a. Technical Staff
b. Non-Technical staff
c. Exit from system
d. Return to Operating system
CBSE Class 12 Procedure for doing enteries in payroll software
As the name itself shows option 1 deals with Technical staff, option 2 with non-technical staff. Option 3 is given to exit from system and option 4 for return to the Operating System.
On entering option 2 non-technical staff program is executed which displays further options such as:
1. Enter a record
2. Edit menu
3. Delete a record
4. Add D. A.
5. Edit D. A.
6. Monthly Report
7. Return to Main Menu
CBSE Class 12 Procedure for doing enteries in payroll software
Let us get familiarized with these options one by one.

First of all we have to enter the code of employee and check for existence. Then we have to enter valid date, after that we have to enter other informations such as name, designation, pays, allowances etc.

This option gives a further menu with 3 options such as
(i) Edit permanent fields
(ii) Edit temporary fields
(iii) Return to non-technical staff menu

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