CBSE Class 12 Introduction to Article Writing

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Article Writing

As an aspiring professional journalist or a freelancer writing for a newspaper or a magazine, one has to get started by understanding the basic differences between the newspaper article and the magazine article.

Newspapers publish what are termed as hard news as well as soft news articles. The former are usually based on breaking news and the immediacy factor in terms of time and interest. These give an account of what has happened or something that is happening now based on earlier facts about what may happen in the future.

On the other hand, soft news articles, also called feature articles generally include Profiles in Excellence, i.e. profiles of noteworthy and newsworthy people, humaninterest stories and discussions of issues. Based on facts, feature articles are more discursive in nature. Magazines, which may be weekly or fortnightly or monthly publications, contain soft news or feature articles as they are not constrained by the immediacy factor. The readers of a magazine will get to read about an event several days after it had occurred.

The newspaper article is predominantly based on facts, whereas the magazine article usually consists of the report of a factual event in a summarized form. The more pertinent elements of the magazine article on soft news article are:

1. Background information gathered about the incident

2. The possible reasons behind it and which may have unravelled themselves since the time the event had taken place; and

3. The opinion of the writer about the event (usually determined by the 'slant' that the news magazine is known for) Activity 1: Some extracts from newspapers and magazine articles are given below. Read them carefully and on the basis of your understanding of the basic difference between a newspaper article and a magazine article, decide which extracts are more suitable for a newspaper and which ones are more likely to be a part of a magazine article.


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