CBSE Class 12 Engineering Tie Rod and Pipe Joints

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1. Turnbuckle/Tie-rod Joint is an adjustable temporary joint, which connects the ends of two rods axially when they are subjected to push/pull (tensile) forces.

2. It consists of:

   (a) Body: A hollow cylinder with tapered ends having threaded holes & a central slot.

   (b) Left-hand (LH) threaded rod: The rod end as left-hand threads.

   (c) RH-threaded rod: This rod end has opposite hand threads (i.e. right-hand screw threads)

3. The threaded rod ends are screwed in or out of the body to tighten or loosen the joint or adjust the length.

4. Turnbuckle is used in the guy ropes, wires of electric poles, rigging wires of ship, wrestling rings etc.

5. 'Pipes' are used to transfer liquids or gas from one place to another, and are made of various materials like cast iron, steel, copper, concrete, plastic etc.

6. Pipes are connected to each other in different ways; known as 'Pipe Joints' to increase the length or to connect two different fittings.

7. Several type of pipe joints are available, which depend upon the material and type of service.

8. 'Flange Pipe Joint' is used to connect large diameter pipes, especially cast-iron pipes.

9. It consists of:

   (a) Flanged pipes: The pipes have integral flared rim at the ends (flange) and may have thicker walls in steps for strength.

   (b) Gasket: A circular thin ring of soft material, placed between the flanges to keep the joint leak-proof.

   (c) Nuts & bolts: Used to fasten the two flanges. May be hexagonal or square headed.

10. The two cast iron pipes with integral flanges are connected together by means of bolts and nuts, and the gasket/packing material in between the flanges, to keep it tight & leakproof.

11 Flange Pipe Joint can be seen in underground water system, gas lines, drainage systems

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