CBSE Class 12 Getting Familiar to NEET Screen

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Chapter 2 Getting Familiar to NEAT Screen

Learning Objectives:

After reading this chapter, you should be able:

1. To identify the characteristics of trader workstation screen.

2. To understand the various functions available on the NEAT screen.

3. To apply the knowledge of the various functions in real life while working on the terminal.

Your guide engine to learning:

2.1 Introduction

2.2 NEAT screen

2.2.1 Title Bar:

2 Sub Title Bar

3 Second Sub Title Bar

4 Tool Bar

5 Market Watch

6 System Message Window

2.3 Types of Orders

2.3.1 Regular Log (RL) Orders


Special Trade (ST) Orders

2.3.3 Stop Loss (SL) Orders

2.3.4 Negotiated Trade (NT) Orders

2.3.5 Odd Lot (OL) Orders

2.3.6 Retail Debt (RD) Orders

2.3.7 Auction Market (AU) Orders


Key Functions

2.4.1 Outstanding Order (F3)

2.4.2 Market Watch (F4)

2.4.3 Market by Order (F5)

2.4.4 Market by Price (F6)

2.4.5 Activity Log (F7)

2.4.6 Previous Trades (F8)

2.4.7 Snap Quote (F9)

2.4.8 Market Enquiry (F11)

2.5 Other Functions

2.5.1 Market Movement (Shift + F10)

2.5.2 Online Backup (Alt + F7)

2.5.3 Basket Trading (Ctrl + F6)

2.5.4 Security List (Shift + F7)

2.5.5 Security Descriptor (Shift + F8)

2.5.6 Auction Enquiry (Shift + F11)

2.5.7 Order Status (Shift + F12)

2.5.8 Online Backup (Alt + F7)

2.6 Supplementry Menu for Specific Features

2.7 Buy Back Shares (Ctrl + F5)

2.1 Introduction

The trading on National Stock Exchange is done through a software known as NEAT. The NEAT screen consists of various functions to make trading a pleasant experience.

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