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Chapter 4 Trading Reports Downloads

Learning Objectives:

After reading this chapter, you should be able:

1. To recall the knowledge related to the reports to be downloaded by the members.

2. To classify among the various types of reports.

3. To acquire the knowledge about the practical aspects related to trading reports.

4. To apply the knowledge of reports and internet broking in the real life situation.

Your guide engine to learning:

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Trading information downloaded to trading members

4.2.1 On-line backup

4.2.2 Trader messages in full message display

4.2.3 Bhav copy

4.2.4 Security information

4.2.5 Circulars

4.2.6 Order / Trade slips

4.2.7 Reports

4.2.8 Trade verification

4.3 Internet Broking

4.4 Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)

4.1 Introduction

We have discussed in the previous chapters about the NEAT system and the various functions related to the same. We have also understood the method of putting orders and the regulations related to the same. Once orders have been placed on the exchange, we need to understand the different types of information that are required to be downloaded by the trading members. This information is needed for the process of clearing and settlement. The reports would give unambiguous details of the trades done by the broker on the exchange.

This would further help in determining the obligations of the clients. Determination of obligations is the first step towards smooth pay in and pay out of funds and securities. Therefore, these reports play a very important role. The following discussion will help you in understanding the meaning and significance of the reports required at broker level.

4.2 Trading Information downloaded to Trading Members

The Exchange downloads certain trading related reports and files to the trading

member on a regular basis. Following is the list of reports and files downloaded

to the members.

4.2.1 On-line Backup (Alt + F7)

The files are Trade.txt and Order.txt or file with user defined name. Member can take on-line backup of orders and trades for the current trading day only. The backup can be taken during market hours and till approximately 1 hour after the market close time.


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