CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2018 Set A


1.Who said, ‘When France sneezes rest of the Europe catches cold'?


How was the maritime silk route useful for Vietnam?

2. Classify industries on the basis of source of raw materials. 

3. Which Is the most referred mode of transport In North-Eastern states of India? 

4. Why is the least-cost known as decision making factor for ideal location of an Industry?

5. Name any one ‘terms of credit. 

6. Which logo would you like to see for purchasing electrical goods? 

7. Why had the Indian Government put barrier to foreign trade and foreign investment After independence? State any one reason.

8. Suggest any two steps which can be taken to reduce role of money In politics. 

9. "The Balkan issue was one of the major factors responsible for the first world war".

Explain with examples.


"Only one third of the students in Vietnam would pass the school leaving examinations." Explain.

10. Why did the Non-Cooperation Movement gradually slowdown In the cities? Explain. 

11. •Agriculture gives boost to the industrial sector". Support the statement with Arguments.

12. How is the mining activity injurious to the health of the miner sand environment? Explain.

13. In the present day energy crisis what steps will you like to take for saving energy? 

14. "Textile industry occupies a unique position In Indian economy."

Support the statement with appropriate arguments.

15. Explain the significance of portraying nations as female figures by the European artists of the 18th and 19th century.


Why did the French policy makers want to educate the people of Vietnam?

16. What Is a multi-party system? Why has India adopted a multi-party system? Explain. 

17. How far India has succeeded In overcoming the challenges of expansion before Its democracy? Evaluate.

18. Imagine yourself as a member of a rural Self Help Group. Develop a plan according to which your organization will be helping the poor financially.

19. Who supervises the functionlf18 of banks? In what ways is the supervision done? 

20. What problem do we face In taking the consumer movement forward? 

21. Explain liberalism in politics and economic field prevailing in Europe in the 19th century.


Why a conflict was started In Vietnam against French colonialism In all areas of life?

22. Describe the main features of the Civil Disobedience movement in 1930s. 

23. Compare and contrast the merits and demerits of Roadways with those of Railways. 

24. How are popular struggles an Integral part of the working of democracy? Explain by giving the examples of Bolivia's struggle for water.

2S. How does democracy accommodate social diversities? Explain. 

26. Democracy is the better form of government than any other forms. Justify the Statement.

27. What do you understand by Liberalization of economy? What steps have been taken In the direction of Liberalization.

28. Why is the rise of consumer awareness essential? Explain the measures to protect The interest of consumers.

29.a) Locate and label the following items with appropriate symbols on the same map.

1. The place where Gandhiji led a Satyagraha to help the Indigo peasants

2. Nagpur

3. Chari chakra


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