CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2012 (12)

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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2012 (12). Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. The students should practice these Question Papers to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination. Please refer to more CBSE Class 10 question papers in other links. The CBSE Question papers are prepared based on trend in past examinations and expected questions in CBSE exams. Its always recommended by CBSE to practice the papers released by CBSE to get better exams in CBSE exams. CBSE Last Year Question Papers for class 10 for final/ term/ SA1/ SA2 Examinations conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education for all CBSE affiliated schools in India and abroad. Please refer to more CBSE Class X sample papers, question papers, HOTs etc in other links.

Part I

1. In which one of the following years Great Depression occurred in the world?

    (a) 1929-30 (b) 1935-36

    (c) 1939-40 (d) 1941-42

2. Which one of the following groups of the countries was known as the 'Central powers' in Europe?

   (a) Germany, Russia & France

   (b) Russia, Germany & Britain

   (c) Germany, Austria-Hungary and Ottoman-Turkey

   (d) None of the above

3. Who among the following developed the first known printing press in the 1430s?

    (a) Johann Gutenburg (b) James Watt

    (c) New Common (d) Marconi

4. The first printing press came to India with which one of the following?

    (a) Portuguese Missionaries (b) Catholic Priests

    (c) Dutch protestants (d) East India Company

5. Which one of the following soil types is the most widely spread and important soil in India.

    (a) Laterite soils (b) Black soils

    (c) Alluvial soils (d) Red and yellow soils 

6. In which one of the following states, Corbett National Park is located?

    (a) Assam (b) Madhya pradesh

    (c) Rajasthan (d) Uttarakhand 

7. On which one of the following rivers Sardar Sarovar Dam is built?

    (a) River Kaveri (b) River Krishna

    (c) River Narmada (d) River Satluj 

8. In which one of the following crops, India is the leading producer and exporter in the world?

    (a) Jute (b) Tea

    (c) Coffee(d) Rubber 

9. Which of the following minority communities is relatively rich and powerful in Belgium?

    (a) French (b) Dutch

    (c) German (d) English 

10. What is the %age of Sinhala speaking in Srilanka? Choose the correct option from the following:

     (a) 58 (b) 74

     (c) 65 (d) 82 

11. Which one of the following countries fall in the category of 'coming together federation'?

      (a) India (b) US

      (c) Spain (d) Belgium 

12. Which one of the following does not come under the purview of 'family laws'?

      (a) Matters related to marriage

      (b) Matters related to divorce

      (c) Matters related to adoption

      (d) Matters related to robbery

13. Among the following criteria which one is the basis to measure the development of a country according to the World Bank

     (a) Per Capita income

     (b) Literacy Rate

     (c) Gross Enrolment ratio

     (d) Life expectancy 

14. Which one among the following is a development goal common to all?

     (a) Freedom

     (b) Equal opportunities

     (c) Security and respect

     (d) High levels of income and better quality of life 

15. Which one of the following occupation is not associated with primary sector

     (a) Basket weaver

     (b) Gardener

     (c) Potter

     (d) Priest 

16. Which one among the following is the most appropriate meaning of Underemployment?

     (a) Workers are not paid for their work

     (b) Workers are working less than what they are capable of doing

     (c) Workers are working in a lazy manner

     (d) Workders do not want to work

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