CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2017 (4)

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2017 (4). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1.a Name the first Weekly that appeared in India. 


1.b Which novel has explained the depletion of English traditional agrarian society ? 

2 Which millet is rich in iron, calcium, other micronutrients and roughage ? 

3 In which form of government people can express their views freely? 

4 How many seats are Reserved for women in the local bodies in India ? 

5 What is a 'Community Government' ? 

6 If there are four members in a family and their total income is Rs. 20,000/- what would be the average income of each person?

7 What is the aim of the government in raising money through taxes? 

8 Under which economic sector does the production of a commodity through the natural processes come ?

9.a "The relocation of industry to low-wage countries stimulated world trade and capital flows." Justify the statement.


9.b What did English East India Company do to ensure regular supply of cotton and silk during 18th century ? Explain.


9.c Why did the well-off Londoners support the need to build housing for the poor in the nineteenth century?

10.a State two lessons which the Economists and politicians learnt from inter-war economic experiences.


10.b How did Parsi businessmen contribute to industrial growth ? Explain with examples. 


10.c Explain any three major problems faced by people who migrated to Bombay during nineteenth century.

11.a Describe any three difficulties in copying manuscripts. 


11.b How did Thomas Hardy explain about the industrial problems during 19th century in his novels ?

12.a Write a brief note on the works of women writers. 


12.b Distinguish between epistolary and serialized types of novels with examples. 

13 Mention any three features of arid soil. 

14 Evaluate the role of large scale development projects in accelerating the loss of forests in India.

15 Explain any two consequences of changing crop pattern due to irrigation. 

16 Why does the Government of India give holidays for the festivals of most of the religions ? Give your view point.

17 "Social differences divide similar people from one another but they also unite every different people". Justify the statement with suitable arguments.

18 Explain the causes of tension that existed between Dutch and French speaking people in Belgium.

19 Suggest different ways in which resources can be used judiciously. 

20 Why has the entire tertiary sector not grown in importance ? Explain. 

21 Explain the three components of Human Development Index.  

22.a "Trade and cultural exchange always went hand in hand". Explain the statement in the light of silk route.


22.b Why were the British industrialist not keen to introduce modern machinery in the nineteenth century ? Explain any five reasons


22.c Describe any five steps taken to clean up London in the 19th century. 

23.a "From the late 19th century, issues of caste discrimination began to be written about in many printed tracts and essays." Support the statement by giving examples.


23.b Assess the involvement of women in the growth of novels in 18th century and give two examples of it.

24 Which crop is known as the 'golden fibre' ? Explain any two geographical conditions essential for the cultivation of this crop. Mention its any four uses.

25 Describe any five different types of species of flora and fauna as per the classification given by IUCN.

26 Explain any five advantages of decentralisation of power. 

27 Mention any five socio-economic changes responsible for breaking down the old notion of caste hierarchy in India.

28 Besides money, explain any five other factors on which our life depends. 

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