CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2018 (3)

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2018 (3). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1 Which book of Jyotiba Phule focuses on the injustices of caste system in India.


Which novel written in Bengali in 1956 describe the community life of the fisher-folks in detail ?

2 Which state is the leading producer of rubber in India ? 

3 What is meant by Majoritarianism.

4 What did Peter Norman do, during the award ceremony of Mexico Olympics, to support the protesting American athletes ? 

5 By what term is the person known who does not discriminate others on the basis of religious beliefs?

6 Why do some people oppose dams ? Give one reason. 

7 Which is the other name of primary sector ? 

8 Inwhich sector are the terms of employment regular ? 

9 "Food offers many examples of long-distance cultural exchange". Support your answer with three examples.


Describe any three main reasons for the decline of textile exports from India in the 19">century.


Explain how the underground railways was able to solve transport problems as well as housing crisis in London • the nineteenth century ?

10 From where did Henry draw inspiration, regarding the assembly line method? Describe the assembly line. Method in the industrial production sector.


Describe the contributions of Dwarakanath Tagore as an entrepreneur of Bengal. 


Explain any three features of Chawls of (Mumbai) Bombay. 

11 How did print culture affect the life of poor people in the nineteenth century India ? Explain. 


Describe the notable event which took place in 1836 in the history of novels and its impact on 

the print media.

12 Explain the reasons favoring shift from hand printing to mechanical printing in China. 


Highlight any three contributions of novel to modem society.  

13 Explain any three factors that are responsible for the depletion of forests in India. 

14 Classify Indian forests into three categories. Mention the main regions where they are found. 

15 Define water scarcity? Explain any two causes of water scarcity in India. 

16 How can religion be a source of danger to democratic politics? Explain your viewpoint.

17 Which three provisions of the Constitutional Amendment of 1992 really strengthened the third tier of democracy in India ? Describe.

18 Highlight three major distinctions between the federations of 'coming together' type and 'holding together' type.

19 Differentiate between UNDP report and World Bank report. Why is UNDP report more reliable of the two ?

20 Why is the issue of sustainability relevant for development ? Explain. 

21 "Service Sector in India provides many different kinds of services." Explain. 

22 Mention three types of movements or flows identified by the economists. How are they important?


Explain any five ways by which new markets and consumers were created in India by British manufacturers.


Explain the position of women in Britain in the 19th century. 

23 Explain with examples the impact of print culture on Indian women. 


"Premchand's novels are filled with powerful characters from all levels of society". Justify the statement.

24 Describe the three forms of power sharing among different organs of government in India. 

25 Examine five traditional methods of rainwater harvesting practised indifferent parts of India. 

26 How have been the powers divided between the states and centre ? Explain with examples.  

27 How can communalism take various forms in politics ? Explain. 

28 What does HDI stand for ? Explain the main criteria of measuring HDI according to UNDP Report of 1990.

29 Explain the tertiary sector ? Why is this sector becoming important in India ? Give four reasons.

30 (a) One item A is shown in the given political outline map of India. Identify this item with the help of following information and write its correct name on the line marked on the map.

(A) Type of soil

(b) On the same political outline map of India, locate and label the following items with appropriate symbols

(B) Corbett National Park

(C) Hirakund Dam 

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