CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2012 Set J

Read and download PDF of CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2012 Set J designed as per the latest curriculum and examination pattern for Class 10 issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The latest Class 10 Social Science Sample Papers have been provided with solutions so that the students can solve these practice papers and then compare their answers. This will help them to identify mistakes and improvement areas in Social Science Standard 10 which they need to study more to get better marks in Grade 10 exams. After solving these guess papers also refer to solved Class 10 Social Science Question Papers available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject

Sample Paper for Class 10 Social Science 2012 Pdf

Students can refer to the below Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper designed to help students understand the pattern of questions that will be asked in Grade 10 exams. Please download CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2012 Set J

Social Science Class 10 Sample Paper 2012

1.Describe briefly the effects of Rinderpest in Africa in the 1890‟s.

2.Why there was no shortage of human labour in Victorian Britain in the mid of nineteenth century ? Explain.

3.Write about the pollution problems of Calcutta (Kolkata) in the 19th century. 

4.What was the attitude of people in India in the nineteenth century towards women reading ? How did women respond to this ? 

5.How did Jane Austen portray the women of 19th century in her novel ? 

6.How did print culture contribute to the growth of nationalism in India ? Write any three points.

7.Explain any three reasons for novel becoming popular in India.

8.State any three points of importance of penny chapbooks.

9.Describe the ways in which the novels in India attempted to create a sense of pan-Indian belonging.

10.“India‟s vast and diverse size is the most important resource”. Support the statement.

11.Describe the methods of forest conservation.

12.Give an account of any three hydraulic structures of ancient India.

13. State the main elements of the Power Sharing model evolved in Belguim.

14. When does a social difference become a social division ? Explain with example.

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2012 Set J

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