CBSE Class 7 English Tenses Worksheet Set B

CBSE Class 7 English Practice Worksheet - Tenses - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India. 




Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs.

1. When I _______________ (arrive) at the station, Sunita _______________ (wait) for me. She_______________ (wear) a blue dress and _______________ (look) very pretty. As soon as she _______________ (see) me, she_______________ (shout) something but I couldn’t hear what she _______________ (say) as everyone _______________ (make) such a noise.


2. I _______________ (look) forward to go to England, next year. I _______________ (plan) to stay there for a few years. I _______________ (come) back and _______________ (serve) my country.


3. The roof of the hall of a school building _______________ (fall) down in heavy rains yesterday night. Five persons _______________ (die) on the spot. The building _______________ (be) under construction. According to the neighbours, about fifteen persons _______________ (sleep) in the hall. Most of the victims _______________ (be) labour class.


4. When I _______________ (reach) Meena’s house, she _______________ (leave) already. Though I _______________ (reach) there at the appointed time, yet she _______________ (leave). Thus I _______________ (come) back disappointed.


5. Yesterday I _______________ (see) a speeding car hit a pedestrian, who _______________ (fall) unconscious. The poor fellow _______________ (bleed) profusely before people _______________ (take) him to a hospital. The man_______________ (struggle) for his life but _______________ (breathe) his last after half an hour.


6. Rajesh _______________ (sit) in the train at this time tomorrow. We _______________ (go) to see him off. He _______________ (stay) with us for almost a month. He _______________ (promise) that he _______________ (visit) us again next year.


7. Last Sunday when I _______________ (return) home late at night, I was shocked to find my house unlocked. Someone _______________ (break) into my house in my absence. All the boxes _______________ (be) opened. I _______________ (check) my locker, in which I _______________ (put) my money, but found the money _______________ (steal). I _______________ (report) the matter to the police.


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