CBSE Class 7 English Vet In The Forest Worksheet

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CLASS VII [GS] WORK SHEET.. Ls… 9 Vet In the Forest

Choose the correct answer/fill in the blanks/true or false:

1. In April 1991 the ______forest division sought the help of wild life wing a Forest Department. [a] West Bengal [b] East Medinipur [c] Bisnupur.

2. ____________________ was the officer specializing in tranqullising animals. [a] Subrata Choudhuri [b] SC De [c] The Narrator

3. Constantly means ______________________

4. The team inquired from the villagers about the ____________________ [a] injured elephant [b] Local tribes [c] Forest department.

5. A doctor who treats sick animals _____________________

6. ____________________means passionate interest (paragraph 6)

7. It was impossible to treat the animal because it was in ______________ [a] Middle of the herd [b] the Forest [c] the village.

8. The next plan of action was to ask the ________________________ for help. [a] worried villagers [b] enthusiastic villagers [c] Un-enthusiastic villagers

9. The Indian tusker is _____________________ [a] an elephant [b] the persons who sell the tusks [c] a male elephant

10. Subrata was _____________________ [a] a veterinarian [b] an orthopedicien [c] physician.

11. The mode of transport used by the team was _____________________ [a] a truck [b] a jeep [c] a cart

12. The another word for quiet and peaceful________________________

13. The area was regularly ________________________ by wild elephants. [a] ravaged [b] visited [c] strolled

14. They approached the animal to ______________________ [a] examine [b] stop [c] catch

15. The vet confirmed that the body temperature of the elephant was _________________ [a] high [b] low [c] normal.

16. ____________across the swollen part of the elephant’s leg brought out a flow of black blood. [a] a deep incision [b] a great pain [c] an injury

17. The narrator clutched Subrata by his shoulder and whispered into his ear _______________ [a] shoot [b] fire [c] attack

18. After the treatment the elephant was revived with __________________ [a] antidote [b] antibiotic [c] antiseptic

19. The body temperature was kept down by the villagers using ___________________ [a] water [b] medicine [c] air coolers.

20. The disturbing news was that _______________________________ [a] the herd was back [b] the villagers were back [c] Prasad was back.

21. The narrator’s team did not stay around at the moment of revival because there was no ____ [a] food [b] machan [c] tent

22. They could not spend the night on the ground as there were 50 elephant just a couple of ______________________ away [a] 200 metres [b] 100 metres [c] 50 metres.

23. Opposite of reluctantly is ________________________

24. The author of the lesson is _________________________

25. The villagers chased the herd away by ________________________ [a] Shouting & bursting crackers [b] throwing stones at them [c] whipping them.

26. By the time, Prasad, the assistant was ready, a small crowd had gathered behind them with___ [a] a bag of tools [b] a battery of advice [c] an electronic battery.

27. A scaffolding on a big tree, used as a platform from which people can observe wild life is a ______________________________________

28. They bandaged the elephant’s leg ______________________________

29. The elephant, having made a couple of half hearted attempts at its head fell back into

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