CBSE Class 7 English Important Questions Worksheet Set A

CBSE Class 7 English Important Worksheet (1). Students can download these worksheets and practice them. This will help them to get better marks in examinations. Also refer to other worksheets for the same chapter and other subjects too. Use them for better understanding of the subjects.

1. Read the following passage carefully.


Bees are insects. Bees are special insects because they can fly! They can move through the air like an aeroplane! Bees can fly because they have wings. They use their wings to fly. Bees can fly fastly.Bees can also fly slowly. They can fly up and they can fly down. They need to fly to get to the flowers. Bees can have three colours. They can be yellow, red and orange. All bees are black in some places. Bees have three main parts. They have a head. They have a body. And, they have a stinger. The stinger is used to defend against enemies. They also have six legs. They use their legs to climb and stand. They also use their legs to eat and collect pollen. Bees live in many places. They live in Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. The only continent that bees do not live on is Antarctica! I understand why they don’t live in Antarctica. It’s too cold! Most of the time, bees are nice to humans. If you do not bother them, they will not bother you. Have fun watching bees this summer.

A1. Answer the questions by choosing the appropriate options. 1x5=5

1) What are bees?

A. Mammals

B. Birds

C. Reptiles

D. Insects

2) How do bees fly?

A. They use their legs

B. They use their head

C. They use their wings

D. None of these.

3) How many legs do bees have?

A. Two

B. Four

C. Six

D. Eight

4) What is the stinger used for?

A. To eat food

B. To defend against enemies

C. Both A and B

D. None of the above

5) Where do bees live?

A. North America

B. Asia

C. Antarctica

D. Both A and B

A1. Vocabulary: 1x3=3

6) Bees are special. This means…

A. bees are normal

B. bees are regular

C. bees are unusual

D. bees are average

7) What is the opposite of defend?

A. Run

B. Hide

C. Protect

D. Attack

8) What is a continent?

A. A large piece of connected land

B. A large river

C. A small part of the ocean

D. A swamp

A2. Read the following passage carefully.

What is soil? The original material from which it has been formed through long ages are the rocks of the earth’s crust. There are threekinds of rocks, made in three different ways. Igneous rocks were made when the molten material of which the earth consisted long ago became cooler and solidified; granite, a very hard rock, is one of these. Another kind of rock is sedimentary rock, formed when rivers brought down small pieces of material with them as they flowed into a sea. The matter which they brought down with them to the bottom of the sea, and this sediment was slowly pressed and cemented together by other substances into the rock. Then the crust of the earth moved; the bottom of the seas were raised, and when they reached a sufficient height became dry land. Sedimentary rocks are found in all kind of places, even on high mountains. Shale, limestone, and chalks are sedimentary rocks.

The third kind of rocks is metamorphic rock, a rock which has been made by change due to heat. This was formed, for instance, when the lava thrown out by volcanoes affected the material over which it flowed. The heat changed the surface underneath and produced different kinds of rocks, two of which are slate and marble.

Based on your reading of the above passage answer the following questions by choosing the appropriate options.

1. The above passage speaks about

a) Formation of oceans

b) Formation of lava

c) Formation of soil.

2. A rock which has been made by change due to heat is _______________________.

a) Metamorphic rocks.

b) Sedimentary rocks.

c) Igneous rocks.

3. Shale, limestone ad chalk are ______________________.

a) Sedimentary rocks.

b) Igneous rocks.

c) Metamorphic rocks.

4. When, the molten material of which the earth consisted long ago became colder and solidified ___________________.

a) Igneous rocks were made

b) Soil was made

c) Sedimentary rocks were made

5. Volcanoes affected the material over which it flowed produced______________.

a) Shale, limestone and chalk.

b) Granite c) Slate and marble.

6. Find the words from the passage which means the same as:(1X2=2)

a) Example (para 2)

b) Lifted up (para 1)

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