CBSE Class 7 English Making Things Simple Worksheet

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Choose the correct answer/fill in the blanks/true or false:

1. Gerald Durrell in ‘Making Things Simple’ came across many -----------encounters. [a] uninteresting [b] boring [c] interesting

2. The retired surgeon made simple things----------------- [a] easy [b] difficult [c] simpler

3. One day Gerald noticed that one of his foxes had trouble ---------- [a] in his leg [b] in his head [c] in its tail

4. Medicating the fox was ---------------------- [a] a pleasant experience [b] a tedious experience [c] comfortable

5. The fox ran -------------round the outer perimeter of the cage. [a] slowly [b] hurriedly [c] haste

6. Billy apologized to Gerald Durrell as he was----------------------- [a] feeling too bad [b] feeling guilty and sorry [c] feeling bad and guilty.

7. The fox was caught across his --------------by the metal rim. [a] hind legs [b] fore legs [c] both hind and fore legs

8. The captain was a qualified --------------------- [a] a veterinary surgeon [b] surgeon [c]doctor

9. ‘On examination I found that the break was a beautiful clean one’ who is I referred here?------- [a] Billy [b] Gerald Durrell [c] Captain

10. Plaster of Paris is a ---------------------------------powder. [a] mixture of dry wet [b] mixture of wet [c] quick drying mixture of white

11. Acquisition of knowledge means -------------------------

12. The captain was exasperated by such a question means he was ------------------- [a] happy [b] angry [c] Annoyed

13. Gerald Durrell had ------------------------ pairs of Artic foxes. [a]two [b]four [c]three

14. The simple present of the word ‘deployed’ is ----------------------

15. The office looked as though it had a -----------------------

16. In a cloud of Plaster of Paris the ---------------------- un ravelled sixteen feet of bandages. [a] Durrell [b] Laura [c] Captain

17. Several inches of bandage was wound to his ---------------------- [a] fore finger [b] middle finger [c] thumb

18.Add a prefix to the word ‘read ‘ and change the meaning ‘not read properly’-----------------

19. Captain’s office at the end looked like ---------------- [a] I.C.U [b] operation theatre [c] causality station

20. According to Mr. Durrell the splinting was the most ------------------ piece [a] professional [b] unprofessional [c] best

21. Inextricable means -------------------- to do. [a] possible [b] quite possible [c] impossible

22. Non messy and fool proof means ---------------------- [a] clean and reliable [b] unclean and unreliable [c] Unclean and reliable

23. Things started getting difficult and confused because the instructions were ------------- [a] misread [b] partly read [c] not written properly

24’.The fox had more or less accepted the fate ‘ ,here’ more or less’ means----------------- [a] more [b] almost [c] mostly

25.In ‘old days’ means ------------------------ [a] ancient times [b] centuries ago [c] in the past

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