CBSE Class 7 English His First Flight Worksheet

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CLASS VII [GS] WORK SHEET: Ls..6 His First Flight

Choose the correct answer/ fill in the blanks/ true or false:

1. The young seagull was alone on his __________ [a]leg [b] hole [c] ledge

2. Somehow he attempted to _____________ his wings. [a] shake [b] flap [c] preening

3. He failed to muster up ___________ to take that plunge [a] courage [b] afraid [c] ready

4. His father and mother had come around calling his ____________ [a] happily [b] cheerfully [c] shrilly

5. That was __________ hrs ago since then nobody had come around him. [a] twenty three hrs [b] twenty two hrs [c] twenty four hrs

6. The whole family had walked about taunting his with his __________ [a] bravely [b] cowardice [c] attitude

7. The meaning of mackerel is ______________ [a] sea bird [b] sea weed [c] sea fish

8. His father was ______________ the feathers on his white back [a]flapping [b] shaking [c] preening

9. He was gradually downwards and outwards [a] soaring [b] sleeping [c] resting

10. He screamed with _________ [a] anger [b] worry [c] fright

11. The meaning of expense is __________

12. A dog-fish is a ____________

13. Maddened by hunger means ___________________

14. Then a monstrous ___________ seized him.

15. He could feel the tips of his wings _______________ through the air.

16. He was no longer _____________

17. He just felt a bit _______________

18. He uttered a ________________ scream.

19. His mother ______________ past him, her wings making a loud noise.

20. He saw a vast, ___________ beneath him.

21. He felt certain that his wings would never support him. (True/ False)

22. His brothers and sisters wings were bigger than his. (True/ False)

23. His parents let starve on his ledge unless he flew away. (True/ False)

24. He had eaten since the previous might fall. (True/ False)

25. His mother picked up a piece of the fish and was flying across to him. (True/ False)

26. He had been t__ o t_ ___i ____g back and forth.

27. He uttered a low c____ c ____l____

28. She screamed back s ____o ____n f ____l ____y.

29. They were b ____c k ____n____ ____ g him.

30. E ____h____ ____ s t ____d by the strange exercise his feet sank and then he sank nofurther.

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